Solana Meme Gold coin Billy Soars to $117 Million Market Cap

Solana meme gold coin Billy (BILLY) has damaged past a $100 million market cap because the “cute asf” dog becomes the 2nd-largest token launched through

Billy was created on at the begining of June. Right after launch, the dev offered all his tokens and also the community required within the project. Now, the project’s social networking accounts, Telegram, etc. all seem to be operated by community people who walked in once the original dev disappeared.

Based on SolScan, the dev offered all his tokens within twenty minutes of launch. They offered the big most of their tokens in a single transaction for $1,116. That equivalent BILLY could be worth just shy of $six million at today’s cost. The dev’s wallet still doesn’t hold any BILLY, based on onchain data.

Within the token’s thread, you can observe the dev scrambling to obtain the community to buy other coins—Billy2, Billy3, and Fuck Billy—as the initial Billy meme gold coin began to fly. But no others has been doing good enough to really make it to Raydium, a vital goal for those tokens on

Billy what food was in an industry cap of roughly $72 million over the past weekend, falling as little as $60 million because the week began. But throughout Monday and Tuesday, the meme gold coin soared 97% to some market cap of $117 million.

The pup meme gold coin has hopped past Andrew Tate-endorsed meme gold coin Father, which dropped 1.4% over this same period and today includes a market cap of $71 million. Which makes BILLY the 2nd-largest launched token behind Michi, which presently includes a market cap of $130 million.

The reason for the sudden Billy cost jump is unclear. Its Twitter account continues to be regularly posting memes. And pseudonymous content creator Jonzzy saw certainly one of their Billy memes achieve a substantial audience around the social networking platform.

In the last couple days, Billy’s DEX Screener page was altered by attackers who altered the banner photo to incorporate another meme coin’s dog. The city reacted rapidly to reclaim the page, putting Billy in the forefront once more.

This belongs to a known DEX Screener exploit that enables malicious actors to carry out a community takeover (CTO) of the project on DEX Screener. For instance, in May, Dogwifhat’s DEX Screener banner was altered to advertise a meme gold coin known as White-colored Girl Wasted.

Within this situation, it’s intended to be a feature—not an insect. Allowing communities to update DEX Screener pages can be done due to situations like what went down with Billy. The initial dev abandoned the work and also the community needed use of alter the DEX Screener listing.

However the DEX Screener team hasn’t yet found a method to stop it being mistreated by malicious actors.

Edited by Stacy Elliott.

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