About Us

What Is BitSwapNow?

BitSwapNow is a simple and fast instant cryptocurrency exchange service. You do not need to register, and your exchange will have no limits. We’ll quickly convert more than 170 coins for you without charging any additional or hidden fees.


How Does BitSwapNow Work?

BitSwapNow is integrated into multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms, including Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, OKEx, and Kucoin. We also utilize Defi platforms Uniswap and Pancake Swap. At the moment of the trade, we’ll choose the best exchange rate on the market at any given moment and offer it to you.


Trust and Safety

Created by a team of experienced blockchain developers, BitSwapNow is a fully secure service. We are completely registration-free. This allows our clients to avoid identification or financial theft. Furthermore we are custodian free meaning we never hold your funds an there is not hot wallet of any sorts. All exchanges are done on chain. We offer the best rates on the market, as we use reliable cryptocurrency trading platforms.