Chainlink Transporter to Bridge Assets Across Ethereum, Optimism, Base and much more

Dominant decentralized oracle provider Chainlink has launched an application that allows the mix-chain change in cryptocurrencies. Known as Transporter, the application allows the change in tokens over the Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, and WEMIX systems.

“Bridging crypto across chains has in the past been a dangerous activity, with bridge hacks comprising nearly 50% of value hacked in DeFi,” a Chainlink spokesperson told Decrypt. “Transporter leverages Chainlink CCIP’s (mix-chain interoperability protocol) unmatched amounts of security and reliability to finally give users reassurance when delivering tokens and messages mix-chain.”

Transferring tokens in one chain to a different is really a major factor of utilizing cryptocurrencies, but has lengthy been a dangerous activity. In 2022, Chainalysis discovered that attacks on bridges taken into account 69% of total funds stolen with one crypto bridge exploited for $190 million—even gaining attraction from North Korean-linked online hackers. Chainlink believes its CCIP includes a security level that will see these alarming figures dip.

“Secure bridging is essential to unlocking this fast-growing niche for more mainstream users,” a Chainlink spokesperson told Decrypt. “Transporter empowers users to maneuver crypto across this multi-trillion dollar ecosystem inside a highly secure manner, which will help connect fragmented onchain environments and unlock siloed liquidity.”

Security aside, bridging protocols are frequently clunky and difficult to make use of. You’ve seen an increase of bridging apps recently trying to address this problem. The most known being Wormhole which tried to remove a few of the “typical hurdles of mix-chain interactions” but has already established mixed reviews.

“Transporter addresses the historic UX (consumer experience) challenges of bridging,” a Chainlink spokesperson told Decrypt. “By supplying users having a seamless interface to transfer tokens and messages mix-chain and providing users visibility in to the exact condition of the mix-chain transactions.”

Transporter offers to provide “real-time visibility” of mix-chain transactions, meaning you are able to track your assets at all the transaction. Carried out by the Transporter application or Chainlink CCIP Explorer, this gives users “peace of mind” when bridging tokens.

“Bridging crypto shouldn’t seem like tossing tokens right into a black hole,” the Chainlink spokesperson stated. “Too frequently mix-chain bridging apps are needlessly opaque in showing users what’s happening throughout a transfer, departing them curious about the status of the tokens. With Transporter, users can easily see the precise status of the transfers across chains using CCIP.”

While using application, users are only billed the conventional charges for implementing Chainlink’s CCIP—which covers gas cost and repair provider costs. Based on Chainlink, this fee is .063% should you pay with LINK or .07% should you pay with wrapped gas tokens.

On launch, investment capital firms 4th Revolution Capital and Moonrock Capital is going to be following a technology. Both seeing Transporter “playing a substantial role” and achieving the brand new “standard” for mix-chain transactions.

Edited by Stacy Elliott.

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