Notcoin Token Pumps 6% as Telegram Game Hits 40 Million Players

Notcoin, a Play-to-Earn game on Telegram, has announced that it is total player base now is 40 million. By doing this, they has debunked claims of third-party tools that miscalculate the amount of players simply because they make use of the wrong parameters.

Presently, Notcoin is buying and selling at $.0185, a rise of 5% previously 24 hrs, as well as an eye-watering gain of 210% previously fourteen days, based on CoinGecko.

Earlier this year, the NOT token hit an exciting-time a lot of $.0283, which saw its market capital soar beyond the $2.75 billion mark.

Players have earned $1.5 million in TON across 20 campaigns. They expects the figures to improve drastically once automated campaigns go survive the woking platform.

Particularly, they has announced additional features that they’re focusing on in their roadmap. Including rewards discussing with buddies, gold and platinum players accessing highly searched for-after token launches, applying automated campaigns, and beginners accessing levels.

On May 20, the entire player base was at 35 million. The Telegram-based game thus acquired greater than 5 million players, a rise of 14% of their total player base, within the length of three days.

This staggering development of the woking platform could be related to the lately launched earning missions program, which enables players to earn rewards passively. Players receive rewards by means of NOT tokens, the native token from the game deployed around the Open Network.

This can be a stark contrast towards the one-time rewards that players receive once they complete any mission or quest. This passive generation of rewards is likely driving adoption and functions like a catalyst for player retention.

A week ago, Open Builders, the developers of Notcoin, announced it would hands out 40 million NOT tokens to players who held onto Notcoin’s pre-market buying and selling vouchers.

Notcoin Pre-Market NFTs Vouchers possess a market capital of $324 million, with roughly 59,000 users holding 795,000 NFTs, based on a Dune query produced through the Notcoin team.

Edited by Stacy Elliott.

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