Binance Proof-of-Reserve pledge gains support following FTX crisis

Following a liquidity crisis and purchase of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, Binance Chief executive officer Changpeng “CZ” Zhao stated his exchange will quickly begin a Proof-of-Reserves audit system to permit verification of their digital asset holdings.

Inside a November. 8 Twitter publish, Zhao promised to apply an evidence-of-Reserve mechanism at Binance to supply “full transparency” with the use of Merkle Trees — an information structure accustomed to encode blockchain data more proficiently and safely.

An Evidence-of-Reserve audit is ordinarily conducted by a completely independent 3rd party to guarantee the custodian’s assets are owned as claimed.

The Binance CEO’s intention to apply Proof-of-Reserves comes after Binance decided to buy rival cryptocurrency exchange FTX on November. 8, who’s been rumored to be the edge of monetary collapse despite Chief executive officer Mike Bankman-Fried initially dismissing the claims.

Cointelegraph contacted Binance to verify when the exchange had begun applying an evidence-of-Reserve system but didn’t immediately get a response.

Chainlink Chief executive officer Sergey Nazarov expressed his views inside a November. 8 tweet that the cryptographic-based Proof-of-Reserves mechanism could paint investors having a more obvious picture from the solvency situation of the buying and selling venue or financial firm, and “is becoming the brand new industry standard.”

Meanwhile, crypto exchange Kraken has implemented its “advanced cryptographic accounting procedure” to permit users to ensure their token balances since February. 2022.

Crypto exchange OKX also announced its intends to unveil a Merkle tree-based Proof-of-Reserves audit system inside a November. 8 Twitter publish —- something they say is an “important step” in creating a “baseline trust” in the market.

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The thought of more Proof-of-Reserve audits received near-full backing in the Twitter community, with crypto industry figures hitting the scales on the go by Binance.

Host from the Daily Gwei podcast Anthony Sassano and founding father of open-source crypto exchange ShapeShift Erik Voorhees both recommended Proof-of-Reserves happen to be built-into decentralized finance (DeFi) and automatic by smart contracts.

The founding father of crypto market intelligence platform Messari, Ryan Selkis, required things a step further, quarrelling that regulators should direct their attention to pay attention to the greater centralized players in the market.

Although not all agreed. Antonio Juliano, founding father of crypto derivatives buying and selling platform dYdX, contended that the Proof-of-Reserves wouldn’t disclose all information you need required to verify an exchange’s holdings. 

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