Influential celebrities that became a member of the crypto club in the last year

The inclusive crypto ecosystem is becoming the place to find numerous A-list celebrities through the years — mainly driven through the nonfungible tokens (NFT) hype of 2021. However, regardless of the prolonged bear market as well as an apparent dip in cryptocurrency prices, celebrities still pour in support for that crypto market. 

In the last year, celebrities have began exploring sub-environments beyond NFTs, attempting to diversify their presence across buying and selling, gaming along with other investment avenues. Within this light, here’s an introduction to probably the most influential celebrities that experienced crypto in the last year and just how well-prepared they’re for the following bull run.

Connor McGregor partners with Tiger.Trade

UFC superstar Connor McGregor, among the greatest-compensated athletes, lately partnered with Tiger.Trade, a crypto buying and selling application. An element of the deal involves McGregor featuring within an in-house game that users can enjoy to win exclusive prizes.

Before you sign being an ambassador for Tiger.Trade, McGregor’s participation in crypto continues to be indirect via UFC partnerships with, in which bonuses were compensated towards the fighters in cryptocurrencies.

The current game launch, while well-received by fans because of its graphics and prizes, seemed to be susceptible to critique associated with the possible lack of story. Unlike nearly all top UFC fighters, McGregor hasn’t linked his name with now-defunct NFT projects and is constantly on the maintain secrecy round his investment choices in cryptocurrency.

Eminem purchases Bored Ape NFT for $460,000

Marshall Mathers, also known as Eminem, is among the rare celebrities to create headlines for purchasing NFT instead of selling their collections. The 15-time Grammy champion purchased Bored Ape ‘EminApe’ NFT for $460,000, which depicts a gold chain necklace and khaki army cap that Eminem wears in tangible existence.

Eminem’s reference to crypto goes back to 2018, once the rapper pointed out Bitcoin (BTC) in the recently released album Kamikaze. However, the following NFT purchase established his curiosity about crypto investments. In June 2022, Eminem released a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT-themed music video featuring rap legend and fellow crypto enthusiast Snoop Dogg.

While Eminem hasn’t openly shared affinity toward any particular crypto asset for investments, the rapper is constantly on the collaborate with BAYC for live performances.

Maria Sharapova grew to become a proper investor in Moonpay

Tennis legend Maria Sharapova, as well as other A-list celebrities for example Woman Gadot, Bruce Willis and Justin Beiber, committed to crypto payment solution, Moonpay. The organization revealed which more than 60 politicians and celebrities within the music, sports, media and entertainment industries became a member of hands to take a position $87 million inside a Series A funding from November 2021.

An investment marked Sharapova’s entry in to the crypto world. However, the superstar is yet to show her plans for investments in crypto assets.

Snoop Dogg: The face area of Web3 and NFTs

Snoop Dogg position being an OG stands true in the realm of crypto thinking about his positive participation within the space for several years. Snoop’s first interaction using the crypto community began served by him warning against impersonators marketing fake Snoop Dogg-branded tokens and NFTs.

After obtaining understanding concerning the industry, the rapper collaborated with plenty of crypto projects, including crypto exchanges, Web3, games, and NFTs, effectively catalyzing the mainstream adoption of crypto.

Most lately, Snoop Dogg announced the launch of the new restaurant in La inspired by BAYC NFTs, named Bored and Hungry. Regardless of the dimming lower from the hype around NFTs, the smoke king is constantly on the show passion for the ecosystem.

Floyd Mayweather constitutes a crypto comeback

Legendary boxing champion Floyd Mayweather marked his entry in to the cryptoverse in 2018, promoting a higher-profile crypto scam known as Centra Tech. Legal implications of advertising unvetted crypto projects needed Mayweather and co-promoter DJ Khaled to pay for fines of $600,000 and $150,000, correspondingly.

Gaining knowledge from his previous mistakes, Mayweather launched a brand new NFT project Mayweverse — composed of an accumulation of 5,000 NFTs. The boxer’s history in becoming associated with projects which have rug-pulled investors leaves his fans and everyone with mixed feelings concerning the new crypto project.

Matt Damon decides for philanthropy via crypto donations

Hollywood superstar Matt Damon received $a million in donations from crypto exchange for, a clear-water initiative co-founded by Damon and Gary White-colored in ’09. Included in the deal, suggested its users list nick set for the reason.

Matt Damon starring in commercial. Source: YouTube

Although Damon hasn’t disclosed his crypto investments, his participation inside a commercial attracted critique from most the crypto community. Investors retaliated against Damon’s suggestion of “Fortune favors the brave” because the bear market led to massive losses over the industry.

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Going from the rising trend of celebrity-backed NFT projects, consumer watchdog group Truth in Advertising ( known as out 19 celebrities promoting NFTs without disclosing their link with the projects.

The non-profit consumer advocacy company revealed its intent to research celebrities that promote “deceptive” crypto investments. The web site states:

“The promoter frequently does not disclose material link with the endorsed NFT company.”

Answering’s letters associated with the promotion of NFTs on their own social networking accounts without disclosing their link with the projects, Justin Bieber’s legal team responded by denying any wrongdoing. However, they confirmed to update the posts on social networking.

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