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    Why the crypto market crash may play in Bitcoin’s favour

    Natalie Brunell, the host of Gold coin Tales podcast, thinks the recent occurrences involving Terra (LUNA, now rebranded LUNC) and Celsius and also the following market sell-off can result in regulatory action which will likely favor Bitcoin (BTC) over the remainder of cryptocurrency. 

    “I’m likely to be watching for regulation developments, just signifying that Bitcoin is really a digital property which maybe there’s more fair accounting that you can do to permit institutions to take a position,” she stated in her own latest interview with Cointelegraph. “And yet another cryptocurrencies, I believe is going to be considered securities,” she ongoing. 

    Brunell defines herself like a Bitcoin maximalist and for that reason sees Bitcoin like a essentially different asset class from the remainder of crypto, mainly due to its trustlessness nature. 

    “I view it [Bitcoin] as digital property, like a savings technology, which explains why I focus my energy with that,” she stated, adding that other cryptocurrencies tend to be more susceptible to 3rd-party risks. 

    “I need to bother about: who’s creating them [altcoins], who’s expanding the availability, who may be hired or fired, what experiment could they be trying?”  

    Following a brilliant career in journalism, Natalie went full-amount of time in crypto after finding Bitcoin. She then  launched the Gold coin Tales podcast, where she interviews the key voices from the crypto industry.

    Don’t miss the full interview on the YouTube funnel out on another forget a subscription!

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