BI Rescues Suspected Victims of Cryptocurrency Trafficking Ring

  • BI has saved six suspected victims of the cryptocurrency trafficking ring.
  • On The month of january 15, these were set to consider a flight ticket to Phnom Penh.

Based on reports, the Travel Control and Enforcement Unit (TCEU) from the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) reported on Friday it has saved six suspected victims of the cryptocurrency trafficking ring.

The passengers were going to board a Jetstar flight to Phnom Penh on The month of january 15 once they contacted and asked for questioning by employees in the BI’s travel control and enforcement branch, according to Immigration Commissioner Norman Tansingco (TCEU). Additionally to delivering contradictory solutions, the passengers also posted false return tickets, as reported by the BI TCEU president Ann Camille Mina.

Ann Camille Mina, TCEU’s acting mind, added:

Eventually, they accepted they’re your answering services company in Cambodia and were employed through Facebook.

Pig Butchering, the Crypto Scam

A minimum of three individuals are being checked out through the Bureau of Immigration, concerning BI spokesperson Dana Sandoval’s opinion. According to reports, Crypto criminal groups happen to be enlisting unknowing victims to operate in sales departments. Mainly in Asian nations, and scamming people on dating apps and social networking. “Pig butchering,” a type of cryptocurrency scam, is among the most typical chores assign to victims of human trafficking.  

Among the fastest-emerging scams which have troubled new cryptocurrency investors is pig butchering, also referred to as Sha Zhu Pan. On social networking, dating, and communication tools like SMS texting, scammers approach possible victims cold. These schemes usually involve cryptocurrencies, though they are able to equally involve some other type of financial buying and selling.  

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