Bitcoin (BTC) Cost Outlook: Analyzing the Lengthy-Term Potential

  • Bitcoin (BTC) cost registered a $68,789 range on November 10, 2021. 
  • BTC’s cost could soar to some staggering $138,000, mirroring the outstanding 346% return.

Bitcoin (BTC), the biggest cryptocurrency’s consolidation in the $30,000 mark, has introduced a strong pattern. Based on the data from Glassnode, roughly 75% from the total Bitcoin supply takes place in profit, as the remaining 25% takes place in loss. Remarkably, this balance mirrors the equilibrium point observed during previous milestones in 2016 and 2019.

The intriguing balance comes from the truth that this 75:25 balance of supply locked in profit versus loss seems is the equilibrium point for Bitcoin. Throughout its buying and selling history, 50% of buying and selling days have experienced a greater Profit-to-Loss balance, as the remaining 50% have observed a lesser one.

Bitcoin (BTC) Track (Source: Glassnode)

Also, you should observe that the present market consolidation is responsible for the Bitcoin cost to stay at $30,000. However, it will function as a reference point for market observers, meaning at potential patterns which have in the past performed out during Bitcoin’s cost cycles. In the continuation from the 2019 cycle, Bitcoin registered a $68,789 range on November 10, 2021. 

Will Bitcoin (BTC) Cost Surge Further?

Inside a major development for that cryptocurrency market, there’s growing speculation that the Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) may receive approval in a relatively low access point of $30,000. If the would happen, market analysts are predicting that Bitcoin’s cost could soar to some staggering $138,000, mirroring the outstanding 346% return that gold experienced following the approval of their first ETF in 2004.

The possibility approval of the Bitcoin ETF is a long awaited event within the cryptocurrency community, as it may open the doorways for institutional investors and traditional banking institutions to go in the Bitcoin market easier. 

During the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) traded at $30,700 having a round-the-clock buying and selling amount of over $11.59 billion. Further, Bitcoin continues its impressive bullish run, gaining over 1.5% right away and showing a remarkable 87% surge forever of the season. Having a current share of the market of fiftyPercent, BTC’s market cap now is over $595 billion. Adding towards the overall global cryptocurrency market cap of $1.19 trillion.

Bitcoin (BTC) Cost Chart (Source: Tradingview)

Technical indicators also offer the bullish sentiment surrounding Bitcoin. The 50-day moving average (MA) for BTC is signaling an upward trend, reinforcing the positive outlook for that leading cryptocurrency.

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