Bitcoin Transaction Charges Skyrocket Above $30 Lighting Network to Save?

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Shoot Up Above $30, Lighting Network to Rescue?
  • Bitcoin transaction charges surge above $30.
  • BTC transaction charges leaped from $19.21 on May 7 for their current charges.
  • BRC-20 emergence has put extra pressure around the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin continues to be dealing with its great amount of trouble in the last couple of days. Although the Bitcoin network touted low transaction charges when compared with other blockchain systems, occasions have altered.

Based on the latest details from YCharts, the typical Bitcoin transaction fee has surged past $30. It presently is $30.91. Data implies that transaction charges have almost gone 15 occasions greater compared to what they were at the outset of May.

Bitcoin transaction charges was at $2.952 on May 1 and touched $7.1 around the second and 3rd. However, the fluctuating charges touched $19.21 on May 7, using the charges surging even greater now.

It has certainly switched the interest of exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase, to enabling the sunlight Network. Lighting Network is renowned for its cheap and quick transaction speed, that is already enabled by exchanges including Kraken, OKX, and Bitfinex, to mention a couple of.

What caused the sudden boost in Bitcoin transaction charges?

Crypto transaction charges are susceptible to fluctuation because of various factors. Presently, one factor influencing the rise in Bitcoin’s transaction charges is the development of BRC-20.

BRC-20 is really a token standard which was launched in March 2023 being an experimental initiative. Much like ERC-20 tokens, BRC-20 tokens are fungible and permit users to trade fungible assets inside the Ordinals protocol. The development of the BRC-20 standard has additionally led the way in order to obtain several meme coins, including ORDI, PEPE, DOMO, and PUNK.

The boost in recognition of those meme coins, including PEPE, has put extra pressure around the network. However, analysts and bitcoin MAXIs believe the network and also the charges will awesome lower.

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