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    BSV Releases “Blacklist Manager” to Freeze Stolen or lost BTC

    BSV Releases &quotBlacklist Manager” to Freeze Lost or Stolen BTC
    • ‘Blacklist Manager’, the very first software program, continues to be released by Bitcoin SV.
    • It enables the miners to freeze stolen or lost tokens by submission with court orders.

    The Bitcoin Association for BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) blockchain has released “Blacklist Manager,” the very first software program for freezing stolen or lost Bitcoin (BTC). Based on the recent announcement in the BSV platform, the recently launched Blacklist Manager will enable Bitcoin miners to freeze stolen or lost BTC tokens, by using a legal court orders. 

    The miners are needed to process valid court orders addressing the freezing of digital assets to conform with current legislation. Additionally they follow the necessity by using and taking advantage of Blacklist Manager. Furthermore, the miners must setup and run this program regarding the their node, to activate the Blacklist Manager.

    Options that come with New ‘Digital Assets Recover’

    Simultaneously, General Counsel and Chief of Staff in the Bitcoin Association, Marcin Zarakowski, emphasizes the requirement for an electronic Asset Recovery procedure. 

    Zarakowski mentioned: 

    The development of the Blacklist Manager tool is an indication from the maturing blockchain space. To possess a massive adoption of blockchain technology by the business enterprise, large firms, banks and governments, there should be a method to recover stolen or lost assets.

    According to Bitcoin SV, legal physiques for example banks, child custody providers, and lawyers will first authenticate a order from the court including a summary of compromised digital assets, and translate it right into a machine-readable format the network can comprehend before applying an electronic asset process of recovery. This really is digitally signed and sent to each miner’s BM tool.

    Furthermore, digital assets will subsequently be included to miners’ freeze lists, where they’ll be rejected in transactions, stopping them from getting used. On a single consensus basis because the network has become using, the service forbids anybody from arbitrarily enforcing a freeze, and miners is only going to pay a order from the court or any other document of comparable significance.

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