Crypto junk e-mail bots go silent as Musk offers to prosecute scammers

Elon Musk’s latest salvo in the war against crypto junk e-mail bots on Twitter seems to possess designed a real impact, using the crypto community reporting an enormous decrease in the amount of bots answering their posts. 

Inside a 12 ,. 11 publish, the Twitter Chief executive officer hinted that “bots have been in for any surprise tomorrow” and then described that they have found a small amount of people behind a lot of bot/troll accounts and also the platform is going to be shutting lower IP addresses of “known bad actors.”

Then he adopted up by explaining that while scammers might try other techniques to circumvent the Ip block, Twitter is going to be “shutting them lower every time they appear.”

Shibetoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of Billy Markus, co-creator of meme gold coin Dogecoin (DOGE), told Musk inside a 12 ,. 11 publish, “I designed a test publish and rather of seeing 50 bot replies I only saw one much progress, very hype.”

Other users also visited test Musk’s latest changes. PlanB, a Bitcoin (BTC) analyst and investor, published a chart to determine the number of bots would reply. During the time of writing, no responses from bots had proven in your comments ought to. 

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin also noted that although “Twitter *appears* to become marginally easier to use recently,” he couldn’t know if there was a decrease in bots because of Musk.

“No idea how you can separate apart stuff Elon did versus crypto-winter versus my brain imagining changes that are not really there,” he stated.

Some have reported the bot responses still be visible on posts, but they are very rapidly removed through the platform. 

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Twitter junk e-mail and scam bots happen to be a plague around the platform and were seen by Musk among his top priorities for Twitter after using the helm in October.

In the latest publish, Musk also hinted the platform is going to be planning to file suit scammers on Twitter later on, though didn’t offer any extra details.

“Twitter may also be relocating to prosecute scammers anywhere on the planet,” he stated.

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