Crypto Projects Postponing Token Launch Because of Alameda Gap

  • The TwoPercent market depth supplies a way of measuring the liquidity for bitcoin and ether.
  • dYdX announced recently that it’ll postpone its token release.

The cryptocurrency marketplace is dealing with an “Alameda gap,” where several projects are delaying their token releases. For the reason that of the possible lack of liquidity despite rising bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) prices.

The amount of new gold coin applications decreased during 2022, from 10,264 within the first quarter to six,350 within the 4th, based on reports. Following the collapse in November from the cryptocurrency exchange FTX and it is sister company Alameda Research, the decline quickened for the finish of the season. Before closing lower, Alameda was among the greatest market makers. That offering tokens with vast amounts of dollars price of liquidity for large- and small-cap tokens. 

The TwoPercent market depth supplies a way of measuring the liquidity for bitcoin and ether. When liquidity decreases, it might be challenging for traders to handle large orders without impacting prices. And presents challenges for businesses attempting to launch new coins. 

dYdX Delayed Its Launch of Native Token

The decentralized exchange dYdX stated recently it planned to break the rules the discharge well over 150 million tokens to early backers. And creators from December 2022 to December 2023 hoping the market might have stabilized at that time. Concern regarding market liquidity, based on individuals with understanding from the situation, ‘s the reason.

As well as based on a current report, greater than 24% from the new cryptocurrency tokens launched this past year were involved with “pump-and-dump” scams. That trick investors into purchasing at inflated prices. This highlights the down sides that regulators all over the world continue to be facing in protecting consumers because they step-up their oversight of digital assets. 

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