Deadline Looms: Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Creditors Must Register Repayment Method by March 10 – Here’s the most recent

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A deadline when ever creditors towards the collapsed bitcoin (BTC) exchange Mt. Gox can register their payment approach to receive claims is on its way on Friday now.

The registration deadline was formerly set to The month of january 10, but has later been postponed to March 10.

“Rehabilitation creditors who’ve not completed the choice and Registration through the deadline won’t be able to get the repayments below,” the Mt. Gox trustee authored inside a letter the 2009 week, while listing the next affected repayments:

  • Early Lump-Sum Repayment
  • Repayment for any Part of Cryptocurrency Rehabilitation Claims in Cryptocurrency
  • Repayment by Bank Remittance
  • Repayment by Remittance via a Fund Transfer Company

The letter added that creditors who haven’t yet registered the payment method they would like to use for receiving their cash must do so “immediately.”

“[…] there’s only a short while left before the deadline,” the letter cautioned.

The trustee, Japanese lawyer Nobuaki Kobayashi, further described within the letter that individuals who’ve already posted their payment details don’t need to try it again, even though they can change their payment details before the deadline.

Claims could be received in crypto or fiat

The Mt. Gox trustee initially requested creditors to submit their payment details in This summer of 2022.

The letter sent in the trustee at that time also requested creditors whether they wish to get the “portion from the rehabilitation claims involving cryptocurrency” within the form of bitcoin and/or bitcoin cash (BCH), or otherwise by means of crypto.

Creditors who choose to receive some of the claims in crypto were also requested to join up the required information for that transfer to make, including wallet addresses to custodians or exchanges.

It’s lengthy been feared the discharge of BTC in the Mt. Gox trustee would result in strong selling pressure within the bitcoin market. Japan trustee holds a trove of 141,686 BTC, worth roughly $3.1 billion at today’s cost.

To compare, Michael Saylor’s company MicroStrategy holds roughly 132,500 BTC.

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