Decoding Bitcoin’s Buying and selling Pattern for June 2023

  • In the following paragraphs, we’ll analyse the buying and selling cost analysis of Bitcoin.
  • The buying and selling volume of  BTC has observed a decline of 43.18%.

The crypto market has possessed a lot of highs and lows since the beginning of 2023. One of the other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC), the biggest cryptocurrency by market capital, began the 2023 year having a strong bullish trend. BTC has arrived at the 30K mark at the beginning of the entire year. 

However, the buying and selling cost of BTC has began shedding after reaching this level. In the following paragraphs, we’ll analyse the buying and selling cost analysis of Bitcoin from 2021 to the current date. As well as the factors and dynamics which have impacted the Bitcoin buying and selling cost. Analyzing the good and the bad of Bitcoin provides a much deeper understanding of history few years. 

During the time of writing, the buying and selling cost of Bitcoin is about $27,157, having a decline well over .08% within the last 24 hrs. The buying and selling volume of  BTC has observed a decline of 43.18%, based on CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin Buying and selling Cost Analysis

This analysis provides valuable information along with a clearer knowledge of the buying and selling cost of Bitcoin (BTC). Case study was split into periods of several weeks and just how the buying and selling cost got impacted in every period.

Bitcoin Buying and selling Cost Chart (Source: TradingView)

Based on the buying and selling chart, reveals the Bitcoin buying and selling cost has possessed a climbing down funnel pattern since 2022. Furthermore, we’ll examine the value of support and also the resistance levels inside the climbing down funnel pattern by decoding the Bitcoin impact over some periods.

Decoding Bitcoin’s Climbing down Funnel Pattern: Analyzing Key Phases and Future Cost Implications

Bitcoin’s Climbing down Funnel Pattern has offered both possibilities and challenges for traders since Feb 2021. Analyzing each period via a technical lens reveals potential implications for future cost movements.

Period: February 2021 to Mid-Jul 2021 (50% Valuation Loss)

In this phase, Bitcoin joined the Climbing down Funnel Pattern, displaying a four-phase Wyckoff structure around the daily time-frame. Having a a lot of $64,854 along with a low of $29,278, Bitcoin possessed a significant 50% cost decline, indicating a prevailing bearish trend.

Period: Mid-Jul 2021 to Mid-November 2021 (230% Valuation Gain)

This phase observed a remarkable bull run for Bitcoin. Surging from the low of $29,278 to some a lot of $69,000, Bitcoin recorded substantial gains of roughly 230%, reflecting a prevailing bullish trend.

Period: Mid-November 2021 to Early-November 2022 (80% Valuation Loss)

Bitcoin faced challenges within this period, characterised by significant volatility and market traps. Having a low of $15,588, Bitcoin experienced an 80% valuation loss from the previous a lot of $69,000, signifying the continuation of the bearish trend.

Period: Early-November 2022 to provide (Potential 150% Gain)

A brand new bullish phase emerged during this time period. Bitcoin rallied to some a lot of $31,000, representing one hundredPercent valuation increase in the previous low. Presently consolidating close to the Trend Line Level of resistance inside the $25,000 to $31,000 range, an outbreak over the resistance could indicate a continuation from the bullish trend, potentially individuals $47,000 level according to historic patterns


It’s essential for traders to know the patterns and cycles that Bitcoin experiences before purchasing it. The stages and pattern clearly claim that BTC went via a climbing down funnel pattern. Furthermore, it reveals that it’s likely to show a bullish trend within the approaching days.

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