El Salvador to buy One BTC Everyday – Entire Crypto Space Is Shocked!

El Salvador to Purchase One BTC Everyday - Entire Crypto Space Is Shocked!
  • Regardless of the crypto crash, El Salvador intends to purchase one Bitcoin each day.
  • Bukele is raring to buy BTC, even though the FTX empire is crunched. 
  • Thus, through this,  El Salvador increases its Bitcoin holdings soon. 

The whole crypto market is worrying for that ongoing crypto winter and also the crash from the market. Investors community and users suffer a great deal for investing their savings in digital assets. Ought to be fact, Bitcoin may be the top leading cryptocurrency that is proving itself to be legal tender in prominent countries regardless of the strict rules. 

However, witnessing the present market situation and crunch, El Salvador – the world’s first country to announce Bitcoin like a legal tender, reveals shocking news within the space. Further, obama of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele announces that, from tomorrow, the federal government will get one Bitcoin (BTC) every day. 

This announcement shook the whole globe for that most powerful decision of  El Salvador to purchase BTC’s within this market crash. 

El Salvador to improve its BTC Holdings

Ought to be fact, cryptocurrencies always offer both upward trend and downtrend within the space. At the moment the collapse of FTX crypto exchange produced a big impact available on the market. Much more, BTC transformed the pandemic in 2020 and also the crash of TerraUSD in 2022. Regrettably, Bitcoin is impacted by the liquidity crunch of FTX which caused a significant loss on the market cap of BTC. 

Additionally, as being a legal tender in El Salvador, the general lack of Bitcoin in this current crisis is nearly $70M. Although the marketplace is lower, the BTC value is dipping, obama is raring to purchase the king gold coin every day from tomorrow. 

This courageous act from the President helps El Salvador to develop its Bitcoin holdings. Thus, by accident it may also pump the cost from the BTC soon. Based on CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin is buying and selling at $16,595.09 having a downfall of just one.19% within the last 24 hrs. 

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