EU Reports: Italia and Albania lost €15 million in Crypto Scam.

Crypto Scam
  • Eurojust-organized operation in 13 places within Albania. 
  • The government bodies grabbed assets worth over $3 million.

The Eu criminal justice agency Eurojust engaged with Albanian and Italian police force government bodies to avoid online cryptocurrency investment scams. Also, the federal government reported that investment fraud was transported out by criminal organizations located in these countries.

Police have shuttered an internet site scam advertising phony cryptocurrency investment possibilities. Eurojust-organized operation from December 13 to fifteen, Albania was the middle of investigations in 13 places.

Based on an announcement from Eurojust, the government bodies grabbed assets worth over $3 million and most 160 bits of electronics. However, these criminal activities led to the general damages happen to be worth €15 million.

Further, the statement claims the perpetrators won the ‘victim’s trust’ by enabling these to get the immediate financial benefit in exchange for any minor energy production. In 2020, the Italia government opened up the situation with Eurojust. The business helped the nation’s government bodies active in the inquiry to consider lower the fraud network.

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