Ex-BitMEX Chief Arthur Hayes Wants Court to Excuse Him Incarceration

Arthur Hayes. Source: a relevant video screenshot


The co-founder and ex-Chief executive officer from the BitMEX crypto exchange Arthur Hayes has requested a court to not provide him incarceration for neglecting to create an anti-money-washing network around the platform – and it has claimed that he’ll not repeat his crimes. Hayes has additionally searched for permission to reside abroad and travel freely.

Bloomberg reported that Hayes’ legal team has filed a request probation “with no home detention or community confinement” carrying out a plea deal which will likely see him face a jail term of six to 12 several weeks “under federal guidelines.”

They was quoted as writing, within the document:

“This is really a landmark situation which has already had an remarkable and well-publicized effect on Mr. Hayes’s personal existence as well as on the BitMEX business he co-founded.”

Captured, Hayes pleaded guilty to charges of violating the U . s . States Bank Secrecy Act, with prosecutors accusing him along with other former BitMEX officials of allowing parties to conduct unchecked transactions around the exchange. Hayes has decided to pay an excellent of USD 10m, as did his fellow co-founder Benjamin Delo and also the exchange’s former Chief Technology Officer Samuel Reed.

Hayes’ legal team sent the Manhattan court a 65-page document including testimony from his mother, in addition to “photographs and letters from supporters,” although prosecutors are yet to file for their very own sentencing recommendation.

The lawyers also contended that Hayes’ “conviction within the emerging section of finance and markets is really a precedent the U . s . States may use within the prosecution of monetary crimes at cryptocurrency buying and selling platforms all over the world.”

They added that Hayes was “unlikely to become a repeat offender.”

Since coming back from the lengthy period spent individually distinct, Hayes has lately reinvented themself like a crypto essayist. Inside a recent piece, the previous BitMEX Chief executive officer predicted that the “doom loop” have been sparked by recent Western sanctions on Russia that will send bitcoin (BTC) prices up over the USD a million mark prior to the finish of the present decade.


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