Finland Set to give Bitcoin Grabbed from Crooks to Ukraine – Report

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Finland’s government will apparently donate bitcoin (BTC) grabbed in criminal operations to Ukraine, to aid the latter’s war efforts from the Russian invasion.

Per the Finnish media outlet Helsingin Sanomat, the Finnish government has accumulated BTC 1,981 (USD 78m). The coins happen to be grabbed by Finnish customs officials in “investigations related to” crimes for example “drugs and drug trafficking.”

The country’s courts have since purchased the change in the bitcoin under consideration towards the condition, that is now searching to trade the coins for money.

However the sources didn’t eliminate handing its stash of bitcoin “directly to Ukraine.”

The newspaper, certainly one of Finland’s largest, claimed that it is sources had mentioned that the decision on what amount of the purchase could be donated to Ukraine was still being not yet been made. However, based on the same undisclosed sources, the choice to positively make use of the bitcoin holdings “to help Ukraine was already taken.”

The problem have been discussed “earlier early in the year inside the government,” with “confirmation been sought” in the nation’s President Sauli Niinistö.

The problem is going to be discussed within the cabinet having a final and binding decision to become drawn in May, the report claimed.

The federal government, the origin added, is presently unsure regarding how to proceed, and it has been concerned that the crypto donation of the size and nature would “look bad to outsiders,” noting:

“Certain sensitivities affect cryptocurrencies, as they might be associated with crime. Also, it might be hard for Finland to make sure that the bitcoin it donates doesn’t finish up funding criminal activity.”

But the choice to sell the tokens for fiat may also prove problematic. A government source was quoted as stating that the condition was concerned that by selling the bitcoin for money after which donating the fiat, how big the suggested donation could finish up shrinking – because of market cost changes.

The Finnish government also offers no legal mechanism that will let it make donations of the sort – an issue that will really create a direct crypto donation simpler, the sources indicated. It’s because the truth that converting the tokens to cash after which donating this could involve additional bureaucratic and legal processes, the sources ongoing.

Within the comments posted by readers of this article, some asked the government’s strategy, with one highly upvoted commenter suggesting the condition could rather sell the BTC for money and employ the cash to purchase weaponry from Finnish providers – thus benefiting both Ukrainian war effort and also the Finnish economy.

The move is possibly echoed in Canada, in which the Globe and Mail reported that Ottawa was set to “give itself the ability to market off assets of people from other countries grabbed under sanctions law, after which turn on them to affected victims or purchase rebuilding war-torn countries” – meaning that could funnel the cash and assets grabbed from sanctioned Russians to cover the renovation of Ukraine following a war.

The move will, crucially, also see Canada’s government “expand the phrase assets that may be grabbed by sanction to incorporate cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs),” the press outlet added.
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