Former Bitcoin Dev Gavin Andresen Regrets Previous Support for Craig Wright, Calls it a ‘Mistake’ – Here’s Why

Craig Wright. Source: A relevant video screenshot, Twitter/@JimmyWinSV

Gavin Andresen, the previous lead Bitcoin developer hired by Satoshi Nakamoto themself, now regrets he once supported the questionable Australian computer researcher Craig Wright.

Writing on his personal blog earlier this year, Andresen known as it “a mistake” to believe Craig Wright, and stated he regrets “getting drawn in to the ‘who is (or isn’t) Satoshi’ game.”

“I don’t have confidence in rewriting history, so I will leave this publish up. However in the seven years since i have authored it, a great deal has happened, and that i now realize it would be a mistake to believe Craig Wright around Used to do,” Andresen authored on his blog.

The brand new statement was added on the top from the original publish from 2016 where Gavin Andresen announced his support for Wright.

Screenshot from the new admission over the original article. Source:

The initial statement from 2016 came after Wright throughout a meeting working in london had provided what Andresen known as “cryptographic proof” he was Bitcoin’s creator, together with a digital signature that Andresen believed could have only occurred by Satoshi.

Important to note, however, is the fact that Andresen in the original interview at that time also accepted that he or she is wrong.

“As more evidence comes out…it’s possible I’m wrong. I do not think I’m, but we’ll see,” Andresen stated after his first ending up in Wright.

Community reacts

Knowing from comments on Twitter, the admission from Andresen that having faith in Wright was “a mistake” has created a significant impact, with a few now being released and saying they no more believe Wright has anything related to Bitcoin’s creation.

Others also asked the timing of Andresen’s admission, with for example the most popular bitcoiner Hodlonaut pointing to the way the staunch Wright supporter Calvin Ayre associated with Andresen’s original statement inside a tweet just days earlier.

Meanwhile, some also speculated whether exactly why it required Andresen seven lengthy a long time towards the conclusion that the majority of the community showed up in a lengthy time ago happens because he signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) prior to the private ending up in Wright.

Earliest Bitcoin developer

Andresen was declared by Satoshi is the lead developer from the Bitcoin protocol following the inventor themself walked away from the work this year.

In the final known email, Satoshi authored he had “moved onto other things” which Bitcoin was “in good hands with Gavin and everybody.”

Following a email, Andresen ongoing because the lead developer from the Bitcoin network’s client software until 2014. Then he walked away from active development to pay attention to his use the Bitcoin Foundation.

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