FTX hacker apparently transfers some of stolen funds to OKX after using Bitcoin mixer

Online hackers who drained FTX and FTX.US well over $450 million price of assets in just minutes following the condemned crypto exchange declared personal bankruptcy on November. 11 still move assets around so that they can launder the cash. 

A crypto analyst who passes ZachXBT on Twitter alleged the FTX online hackers have transferred part of the stolen funds towards the OKX exchange after while using Bitcoin mixer ChipMixer. The analyst reported that a minimum of 225 BTC — worth $4.a million — continues to be delivered to OKX to date. 

Based on ZachXBT, the FTX hacker first started depositing BTC into ChipMixer on November. 20 after using Ren Bridge, a protocol that functions like a bridge for cryptocurrencies. In the analysis, ZachXBT shared he had observed a design with addresses receiving funds from ChipMixer. Based on him, each one of the addresses follows an identical pattern “withdrawal from CM,” “50% peels off” after which “50% deposited to OKX”.

Following a discovery from the deposits designed to the OKX exchange, the director of OKX shared on Twitter that “OKX understands the problem, and also the team is investigating the wallet flow.” 

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On November. 12, Cointelegraph reported the hack was flagged immediately after FTX announced personal bankruptcy. At that time, from the $663 million drained, around $477 million were suspected to become stolen, as the remainder is thought to be moved into secure storage by FTX themselves.

On November. 20, the hacker started transferring their Ether (ETH) holding to a different wallet address. The FTX wallet drainer was the 27th largest ETH holder following the hack but came by 10 positions after dumping 50,000 ETH.

The truth that online hackers were able to drain assets from FTX global and FTX.US simultaneously, despite both of these entities being completely independent, grew to become a warm subject of debate inside the crypto community, and elevated speculations about this possibly becoming an inside job

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