FTX’s Bankman-Fried Shows Bitcoin Lightning Network Integration After Community Backlash

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After facing a backlash in the Bitcoin (BTC) community over comments towards the Financial Occasions that Bitcoin is “not a payments network,” Mike Bankman-Fried, the millionaire Chief executive officer of crypto exchange FTX, now hints that his exchange may implement Bitcoin Lightning Network payments.

“Sounds right, will ping devs,” Bankman-Fried responded to some comment that recommended that “all is forgiven” if Lightning is built-into FTX.

Not one other information regarding the potential integration were provided.

Michael Saylor, Chief executive officer of MicroStrategy along with a major Bitcoin bull, told the exchange Chief executive officer that supporting Lightning can give FTX a benefit over others.

Others also offered their two cents, calling the founding father of FTX “smart.”

“[Mike Bankman-Fried] changes his position on Bitcoin and transmits to devs to behave. Smart people reserve the authority to change their mind. Mike is sensible,” commented Jason A. Johnson, a well known Bitcoin proponent and author from the book Bitcoin: Hard Money You Cannot F*ck With.

Daily buying and selling volume on FTX:

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