How to build a Bitcoin Beach: Advice from the pros

How do you develop a Bitcoin (BTC) community? How to begin? Where to start? And do you know the guidelines? 

Cointelegraph spoke to Bitcoin community builders all over the world to reveal an increasing phenomenon within the Bitcoin world.

From Indonesia to Nigeria to El Salvador and the Congo, circular-based Bitcoin economies and community projects have popped up around the world. Cointelegraph requested the effective community-focused Bitcoiners how you can kickstart a Bitcoin circular economy and just what advice they’d give loan to enthusiasts searching to duplicate the prosperity of projects like Bitcoin Beach, El Zonte.

Using Bitcoin at Bitcoin Beach. Source: Twitter

For Bitcoin community project leader Mike Peterson, it comes down to Lightning. Peterson pioneered the Bitcoin Beach project within the sleepy surf capital of scotland- El Zonte, El Salvador. The circular economy energized a whole nation and finally brought to El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021. Peterson told Cointelegraph:

“You have to be using lightning for that people be transacting and also to develop a circular economy. It should be built on lightning. [..] You ought to get people transacting.”

The layer-2 Lightning Network is really a payments solution built on the top of Bitcoin. In El Salvador, El Chivo is considered the most popular Lightning-enabled Bitcoin wallets, even though it has experienced issues since its rollout. Across all of those other world, Bitcoin enthusiasts use Wallet of Satoshi, Muun Wallet, CoinCorner or Blue Wallet to right away transact with each other. Peterson ongoing: 

“If you receive them making that first transaction plus they observe how easy it’s which they’ve really sent value in one person to a different in like again for hardly very little charges, that’s exactly what the bulb beeps plus they realize the worth that which has.Inches

Ultimately, leading with Lightning helps newbies understand that Bitcoin could be simple and easy , even fun. Within the Isle of individual, where there’s a budding Bitcoin community, Uk-based exchange CoinCorner has found inventive methods to demonstrate the Lightning Network.

Bitcoin Ekasi Project alongside Mossel Bay, Nigeria. Source: Twitter

Hermann Vivier, founding father of Bitcoin Ekasi within the Western Cape of Nigeria, shared a couple of methods to creating a Bitcoin economy. First, while it’s vital that you “put one feet while watching other,” and “just start,” he stated, concept if there is a preexisting community to make use of:

“We had something which which was already established so we built the Bitcoin community on the top of this.Inches

Bitcoin Ekasi is really a township project that keeps kids from gangs in class using one of South Africa’s Atlantic waves, where they learn lifeguarding and surf skills. Vivier teaches Bitcoin as the second aspect of the kids’ education.

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In addition, Vivier also shared that it is vital that you make it simple. Stay with Bitcoin, he joked. His hrs at work and love provided to this community project have switched him right into a “Bitcoin maximalist,” because it works well for staying away from the chance of scams in crypto, while blockchain buzzwords can obstruct of creating progress:

“I would say 100% concentrate on Bitcoin only. And when there is something much better than Bitcoin available, then that’s what you need to concentrate on. But right now Bitcoin is how it’s at.”

Nourou, founding father of Bitcoin Senegal, a residential area-brought Bitcoin project in West Africa, told Cointelegraph, “You cannot produce a community should you aren’t able to answering people’s questions–and that needs an array of understanding.”

Iman Yudha, who leads several crypto and Bitcoin enthusiasts in Indonesia, concurs. He told Cointelegraph that it is vital that you “Get educated first–before you are making any decisions. That’s my own opinion.”

After creating a good foundation of foundational understanding about Bitcoin, crypto and security. Nourou recommends to begin speaking about Bitcoin with close relations:

“Start with your family if you cannot convince your mom, your brother, your sister, the cousins, and so forth, it’s a poor start.” 

He notes the following step varies with respect to the culture, business practice and atmosphere. In Senegal, “it may be the wealthiest who roughly define fashion, who define trends. So people have a tendency to copy them.” It’s because of this that Nourou attempted to focus on his Bitcoin communication to individuals communities first. Incidentally, Nourou is hosting West Africa’s initial Bitcoin conference, Dakar Bitcoin Days, on 12 ,. 2 in West Africa’s largest theater.

Cointelegraph attended Dakar, Senegal’s first Bitcoin meetup in 2022.

Lukas, a co-founding father of Global Bitcoin Fest — which holds marathon Twitter Spaces for individuals all across the globe — again encourages Bitcoin enthusiasts to pay attention to the folks. It may be “lonely” within the land of Bitcoin, he told Cointelegraph, so locating a group with shared values can spur things along. He shared a good example:

“It’s a discussion that I have had lately with two guys in Zimbabwe. They would like to kickstart a [project] there. He wanted to get it done, but he was alone. […] He then found Metamorphoses, an execllent maxi, and today they are developing a group — and also the energy is totally different now.” 

Yudha chimed in, discussing that energy and enthusiasm are critical, and community builders should avoid being “toxic” where possible. 

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In a nutshell, these Bitcoin pioneers suggest finding like-minded individuals to utilize, beginning small, benefiting from existing communities, knowing and understanding the topic and never overstretching. The easiest method to do that is to pay attention to Bitcoin and Bitcoin only. And also to get people interested and transacting, get people while using Lightning Network because that’s what gives people their very own bulb moment.

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