Lady Will get 5-year Jail Term After Stealing USD 87K Price of Crypto in Dating Application Scam

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A South Korean lady who met a guy on the smartphone chat application, drugged him, and stole USD 87,000 in crypto from his phone continues to be sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

Per Newsis, the Suwon District Court heard the way a 20-year-old lady (named through the court like a) met a guy with an application after which arranged to satisfy him on June 10, 2021. In early hrs of June 11, the duo visited a “love motel” in Gyeonggi Province. The person, who’s in the 40s and it was named through the court as B, had told A concerning the proportions of his crypto holdings throughout their conversation around the chat application platform.

However the court heard that the then began to lace B’s drink with sleep aids, before using his phone to transfer tokens from the smartphone-based crypto wallet to her very own wallet.

EDaily reported the smartphone under consideration was protected having a fingerprint sensor – however that A could press B’s finger from the sensor to unlock the unit as they was unconscious.

When B obtained awareness, he faced A, who then began to threaten him with telling B’s family concerning the “sordid” nature of the encounter.

B began to report the incident towards the police – however a tried to confuse law enforcement officials who asked her by claiming that B been on fact raped her, coupled with given her the crypto so that they can silence her.

A legal court and presiding judge Hwang In-seong found A responsible for robbery, threatening behavior, and injuries, in addition to violations from the Drug Management Act. She seemed to be in prison for perverting the path of justice.

The judge mentioned the sentence was justified because of the fact that the quantity of crypto holdings stolen was high, which A had tried to sow the seeds of confusion within the ensuing police analysis.
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