Michael Saylor Remains Positive on BTC Despite Market Crash

Michael Saylor Remains Positive on BTC Despite Market Crash
  • Michael Saylor urges investors to become confident on BTC. 
  • BTC’s current downfall didn’t affect MicroStrategy drastically.
  • MicroStrategy has other plans for collateral besides BTC. 

The American business intelligence technology firm, MicroStrategy continues to be probably the most prominent tech firms within the crypto and also the Bitcoin (BTC) industry when it comes to investments. MicroStrategy continues to be focused on various investments and holdings on BTC since 2021. 

Aside from just being every other software tech giant, its active participation in obtaining BTC indeed catapulted the firm to greater heights. Regardless of all of this, the main credit for MicroStrategy’s BTC investments and holdings would go to its Chief executive officer, Michael Saylor. 

Michael Saylor’s vision on BTC and also the confidence he’s on BTC is much more credible, because of such investments and BTC holdings. However, using the recent market crash plunging BTC, together with other prominent crypto’s such as the Ethereum (ETH) have set up a large question mark for future years of MicroStrategy. 

The majority of the investors who’ve committed to the firm, are presently skeptical regardless of BTC bleeding for that fifth day consecutively. Yet, the Chief executive officer remains on with similar confidence of course over BTC.

Other Collateral Besides BTC for MicroStrategy

Accordingly, Michael Saylor published a tweet a couple of hrs back like a prominent reaction to all of the investors who’re in fear over MicroStrategy’s (MSTR) NASDAQ shedding by 24%. 

 It’s well-known that MicroStrategy has had financing of $205 million in the Silvergate bank for obtaining more BTC. This loan was granted to MicroStrategy by pledging couple of of their BTC holdings. If the need for BTC begins to suffer lows, then ultimately either MicroStrategy needs to pledge another collateral or sell up a couple of BTCs. 

Besides, Michael Saylor highlights that MicroStrategy has about 115,109 BTCs on hold and may sell them if BTC drops lower. However, also, he claims that if suppose a place BTC dead below $3.5K, then MicroStrategy is going to be picking out another collateral to pledge.

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