Millionaire Bill Miller calls Bitcoin ‘insurance’ against financial catastrophe

Bill Miller the millionaire founder and chief investment officer of investment firm Miller Value Partners, has stated he views Bitcoin (BTC) an “insurance policy against financial catastrophe.”

Appearing with an episode from the “Richer, Smarter, Happier” podcast on May 24, Miller backed the cryptocurrency as a way for individuals caught incompatible to still access lending options. He used the collapse of monetary infrastructure in Afghanistan following the U . s . States withdrawal in August 2021 for example.

“When the U.S. brought out of Afghanistan, Western Union stopped delivering remittances there or taking them from Afghanistan, however if you simply had Bitcoin, you had been fine. Your Bitcoin can there be. You are able to send it to anybody on the planet for those who have a telephone.”

Miller stated types of the way the crypto could work as insurance don’t “have to become any nothing” and noted how Bitcoin performed noisy . stages from the pandemic and also the Federal Reserve’s response to it:

“When the Given walked in and began gunning the cash supply and bailing out, essentially, the home loan rates […] Bitcoin functioned fine. There wasn’t any operate on Bitcoin. The machine functioned with no Given and with no interference. Everyone got their Bitcoin, the cost adjusted, after which once the Bitcoiners recognized, ‘Wait, we’re likely to have inflation lower the street,’ Bitcoin went over the top.”

“It’s an insurance plan, generate income view it,” he added.

Miller also rebuked Warren Buffett’s recent critique of Bitcoin, in which the millionaire investor famously pointed out that “it doesn’t produce anything” and that he “wouldn’t take” all of the Bitcoin on the planet for $25:

“He stated that Bitcoin is really a non-productive asset and for that reason he can’t value it. Fair enough. When the only factor that you simply think you are able to value are productive assets, then no one’s causing you to purchase it, right? So neglected.”

He later adopted up his comment, adding “the purpose of investing isn’t to possess productive assets, the aim would be to make money”.

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Miller is known for building a portfolio which for 15 consecutive years between 1991 and 2005, consistently beat the returns from the S&ampP 500 index. He’s sometimes known for his advocacy of Bitcoin and set 1 / 2 of his internet worth in to the asset in The month of january.

When requested if he still held that position Miller confirmed that about “40% to 50%” of his money is at Amazon . com stock and the Bitcoin holdings were “about just like Amazon . com,” adding that 80% of his internet worth is split backward and forward assets.

Miller also discussed the Terra (LUNA)-based tattoo around the arm of Mike Novogratz, the founding father of crypto asset management firm Universe Digital following the collapse from the Terra ecosystem:

“Somebody had sent us a picture of Mike Novogratz where she got a LUNA tattoo on his arm several weeks ago from the wolf howling in the moon, and it is big. It’s like, whoops, perhaps you should enjoy a Bitcoin by your side, it’d be more long lasting than that certain.”

Novogratz has stated the tattoo is a “constant indication that venture investing requires humbleness,” as Universe Digital published a $300 million loss on its LUNA investments.

“I felt harmful to him after i saw some story of him going from something similar to $10 billion to $2 billion,” Miller stated, “I’m like, yeah, that’s really tragic.”

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