Next ‘Crypto Spring’ Might Be ‘Unlike Any Other’ – Due to this Factor

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A “very different picture” awaits Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto holders within the next crypto spring, a senior Ukrainian politician has cautioned – as crypto exchanges start to lose their grip around the sector.

The warning originated from Danil Getmantsev, the Chairman from the Verkhovna Rada’s Committee on Finance, Tax, and Customs Policy. The MP told Glavcom:

“At the finish of the crypto winter, a totally different landscape for that cryptocurrency market will probably emerge within the coming spring.”

All-time bitcoin (BTC) prices. The final major crypto winter event required devote early 2018, having a spring starting in late 2019. (Source: CoinMarketCap)

Getmantsev described the crypto world operates “according towards the laws and regulations from the financial world.”

But, he noted:

“Exchanges are presently having a crisis. They offer cryptocurrencies with liquidity, stability, and comparatively objective details about token prices. Should there be no exchanges within the crypto market, there won’t be any objective details about the cost of those currencies.”

Getmantsev equated nov crypto exchanges to “the collapse of the stock exchange.”

All-time ethereum (ETH) prices. (Source: CoinMarketCap)

More Explanations Why Crypto Spring Might Be Challenging

Getmantsev also had warnings for individuals wishing the “legalization of cryptocurrencies” provides the federal government having a significant revenue boost – due to the fact “some cryptocurrencies are considerably losing value.”

He spoke about crypto “legalization” efforts in Ukraine, that they claimed wouldn’t raise the sector, either.

He described:

“I would certainly not overestimate the fiscal aftereffect of the legalization of cryptocurrencies. This problem should be contacted cautiously. Following the personal bankruptcy of countless large cryptocurrency exchanges, investors are withdrawing crypto from exchanges and then try to store coins in independent crypto wallets.”

Indeed, Getmantsev recommended that pro-crypto legislation can also be placed on hold in Ukraine. He concluded:

“It may be worth waiting to determine what decisions are created by regulators in countries which have tried to bring crypto to their legal systems. Haste can result in very negative effects in Ukraine. There’s already an excellent interest in overseas currency withdrawals because of the war [with Russia].”

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