SEC Rejects Bitcoin Place ETF Proposal of Ark Invest and 21Shares

  • The SEC has approved the development of several Bitcoin futures ETFs previously.
  • Institutions could bypass internal charter limitations according to SEC.

A Bitcoin place ETF continues to be denied approval through the SEC all over again. ARK Invest, brought by Cathie Wood, and 21Shares, a service provider of cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs), attempted again using their technique to launch the Bitcoin ETF, but were unsuccessful. The initial filing date was May 13 of this past year, per month after Ark’s first listing application for that goods on BZX was denied.

Generally abbreviated as “ETF,” an exchange-traded fund is a type of mutual fund that gives investors with indirect contact with a fundamental asset. Gold, and also to a smaller extent Crypto, might be difficult to get and store with an individual basis, therefore this can be a useful way to purchase these assets.

The SEC mentioned in the rejection:

“An exchange that lists bitcoin-based ETPs can meet its obligations under Exchange Act Section 6(b)(5) by demonstrating the exchange includes a comprehensive surveillance-discussing agreement having a controlled market of great size associated with the actual or reference bitcoin assets.” 

Bitcoin Futures ETF Approval

Furthermore, by permitting Bitcoin purchases via ETFs, institutions could bypass internal charter limitations that prevent them from doing this at now. Investors in cryptocurrencies are actually eager for this type of product to go in the U.S. market, but to date, it hasn’t materialized.

However, the SEC has approved the development of several Bitcoin futures ETFs, with buying and selling commencing in October 2021. In addition, among the busiest first buying and selling days in New york stock exchange history was for that ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF that was granted approval by SEC. Furthermore, Grayscale bitcoin ETF had met similar fate of rejection and it has been trying hard through the years.

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