Silvergate Chief executive officer calls out ‘short sellers’ distributing misinformation

Silvergate Capital Chief executive officer Alan Lane has slammed “short sellers” and “other opportunists” for distributing misinformation during the last couple of days — simply to score themselves some fast cash. 

Inside a 12 ,. 5 public letter, Lane stated there is “plenty of speculation – and misinformation” being spread by these parties to “capitalize on market uncertainty” caused partly to FTX’s catastrophic collapse in November.

His crypto-focused bank was lately made to deny one of these simple so-known as FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) campaigns a week ago when there is speculation the firm was uncovered towards the bankrupt crypto loan provider BlockFi.

Lane also used the most recent letter towards the public being an “opportunity to create the record straight” about its investment relationship with FTX, along with the company’s “robust risk management approach.”

Lane reiterated the firm matches the financial institution Secrecy Act and also the USA PATRIOT Act, which requires it to watch and scrutinize “each and each account,” including FTX and Alameda research.

“Silvergate conducted significant research on FTX and it is related entities including Alameda Research, both throughout the onboarding process and thru ongoing monitoring,” the Chief executive officer described.

The Chief executive officer has additionally touted the firm’s “resilient balance sheet and ample liquidity” adding that customers’ deposits are “safely held.”

“In accessory for the money we feature on the balance sheet, our entire investment securities portfolio could be promised for borrowings in the Federal Mortgage Loan Bank, other banking institutions, and also the Fed Discount Window – and may ultimately be offered should we have to generate liquidity to fulfill customer withdrawal request,” described Lane.

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Silvergate has additionally been the main focus of other speculation in recent days, including CFA-issued accountant and former portfolio manager Genevieve Roch-Decter, who expressed doubt inside a 12 ,. 1 publish whether Silvergate could maintain its liquidity position and considered whether or not this could are afflicted by its close relationship with FTX.

Roch-Decter seemed to be worried about Silvergate’s Bitcoin-collateralized loan position, that could change up the firm’s balance sheet if Bitcoin’s (BTC) cost is constantly on the fall.

She also expressed worry which should the firm’s Silvergate Exchange Network — a network utilized by highly used crypto exchanges to transmit U.S. dollars and Euros between accounts — was compromised, it might “drag lower the whole system.”

Lane confirmed within the statement that Silvergate “customers keep having use of their U.S. dollar deposits once they need them which Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN) has ongoing to function uninterrupted throughout this era.”

“We intentionally carry cash and securities more than our digital asset-related deposit liabilities,” the Chief executive officer added.

Lane’s public letter did little to stem the bleeding of Silvergate’s (SI) share cost, which fell 8.49% to $24.24 around the New You are able to Stock Market (New york stock exchange) on Monday, according to MarketWatch.

Silvergate’s stock has become lower 52.43% during the last four weeks and decreased 85.34% during the last 12 several weeks.

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