South Korean Crypto Exchanges Resume Service as always after Travel Rule Breakthrough

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South Korea’s greatest crypto exchanges have recently linked their rival Travel Rule solutions – more than a month following a new law that needs buying and selling platforms to follow the protocol arrived to pressure.

As formerly reported, the Financial Action Task Pressure (FATF)’s measure, which requires exchanges to watch and share information on recipients and senders of crypto transactions and flag suspicious-searching transactions, grew to become compulsory in america recently.

However, numerous parties expressed their dismay at that time, with exchanges and regulators apparently unprepared for that new law.

Several months ago, the “big four” crypto exchanges, an organization that comprises the marketplace-leading Upbit, additionally to BithumbCoinone, and Korbit, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on joint Travel Rule cooperation.

Only per month after, Upbit announced it would develop its very own platform named VerifyVASP. The second was created by its parent company Dunamu’s Lambda256 blockchain technology-focused subsidiary.

The rest of the three exchanges ongoing using the project as outlined within the MOU, eventually developing their very own CODE platform.

However, until now, CODE and VerifyVASP weren’t interoperable, and therefore exchanges haven’t been able to handle the entire extent of the Travel Rule responsibilities – a scenario that forced exchanges to suspend inter-exchange transactions for more than per month.

News1 reported that although deposit and withdrawal services have finally been started again between your four buying and selling platforms, there still seem like couple of wrinkles that should be fixed.

The press outlet quoted an Upbit official as stating:

“Depending on every exchange’s policies, there might be delays in delivering withdrawal information to Upbit, which may lead to customers awaiting deposits to appear. Please be aware that in certain situation, deposits and withdrawals might be rejected.”

The problem continues to be somewhat complicated because numerous smaller sized exchanges have effectively needed to choose a side – with 15 buying and selling platforms opting to make use of the VerifyVASP solution and 7 others adopting CODE.

Gopax, the only real non-big-four platform which has a permit letting it offer fiat KRW buying and selling, uses VerifyVASP.


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