South Korean Man Who Bought Drugs with Bitcoin Given Jail Sentence

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A South Korean man was presented with a number of punishments following a court found him responsible for buying narcotics online – using bitcoin (BTC).

News1 reported the man, aged 43 but unnamed for legal reasons, was charged with a branch from the Chuncheon District Court Criminal on charges of violating drug management laws and regulations.

A legal court heard the man had bought crystal meth (also referred to as very meth) on as many as eight occasions from August 13, 2020, to April this season. In every situation, the person compensated dealers in bitcoin.

The presiding judge, Song Jong-seon, handed the person a ten-month suspended jail sentence, additionally to 3 many years of probation. The person seemed to be purchased to go to a 40-hour medications course and pay an excellent of just about $2,190.

South Korea’s Attack on BTC-powered Drug Buying and selling

Columbia has a few of the strictest narcotics laws and regulations on the planet. But – until lately – law enforcement had found themselves outwitted by tech-savvy drug traders. Using darkweb portals, buyers have had the ability to discover the contact information of vendors.

Then, while using Telegram messaging application, they’ve setup payments – all conducted in BTC and altcoins. They are then adopted track of “dead-drop” deliveries, whereby dealers visit public facilities and then leave bags of narcotics in hidden the nooks and crannies.

Police officials have since spent funds on crypto monitoring tools they believe have helped them secure multiple convictions.

Within the situation from the 43-year-old man, a legal court heard how, one time this season, he contacted a medication vendor via Telegram before having to pay BTC .0143 right into a digital wallet.

The following day, he adopted instructions that brought him to uncover a bag of crystal meth “hidden over the entrance to some building in Seoul.”

Captured, police arrested greater than 200 people on suspicion of buying and selling drugs including ketamine, cannabis, and MDMA (ecstasy) while using Telegram application and bitcoin wallets.

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