Today in Crypto: Europol Closes ChipMixer & Seizes BTC 1909, ‘Surge in Cold Storage & ETH Layer 2 Usage’ Publish-FTX, Synalcom & Qori Enable Crypto Transactions for 20K Companies in ‘One Action’

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Legal news

  • German and US government bodies, based on Europol, Belgium, Belgium, and Europe, required lower cryptocurrency mixer ChipMixer because of its alleged participation in money washing activities, plus they grabbed BTC 1,909.4. “The analysis in to the criminal service shows that the woking platform might have facilitated the washing of 152 000 Bitcoins (worth roughly EUR 2.73 billion in current estimations) in crypto assets,” Europol stated. “A large share of the is linked to darkweb markets, ransomware groups, illicit goods trafficking, procurement of kid sexual exploitation material, and stolen crypto assets,” they added.

Blockchain news

  • Crypto tax software Koinly released Part 1 of their “Condition from the Crypto Market 2023” Report, identifying a substantial shift – an outburst in cold storage and ETH Layer 2 usage, stated the pr release. The report highlights the behaviors of thousands and thousands of worldwide crypto investors following the FTX collapse, stated the announcement. Koinly discovered that:
  1. Ethereum Layer 2s saw a sizable increase in integrations on Koinly, up by 80% from September to December, with Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum leading those
  2. Ethereum remains typically the most popular blockchain for crypto investors on Koinly
  3. Layer 1 protocols (excluding BTC and ETH) saw a 53% rise in integrations with Koinly in October 2022 alone, suggesting their recognition among crypto investors and traders
  4. in November, centralized crypto exchanges possessed a 60% loss of usage, rebounding by December, with Binance and KuCoin seeing the biggest gains, averaging 33% development in the month
  5. investors using Koinly’s integrations feature more and more added cold storage and self-child custody wallets for their accounts, with wallets like Trezor and Ledger visiting a 33% increase month-on-month.
  • Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), an execution atmosphere for smart contracts around the Filecoin network, is survive the Filecoin mainnet. Per the pr release, the FVM launch adds smart contracts and user programmability towards the Filecoin blockchain, enabling developers to create and deploy custom code to operate around the blockchain, in addition to connect, augment, and innovate around the inspiration from the Filecoin economy: storage, retrieval, and computation of content-addressed data at scale, it added.

Payments news

  • Synalcom, a French electronic payment solution and services provider, merged with mobile-first payments fintech Qori to produce Sylq, enabling crypto transactions (in addition to card and pay by bank) in a single action, stated an announcement. Which means that 20,000 legacy retailers across Europe can onboard to Web3 “at the switch of the mouse,” it added. Sylq will give, personalize, support, and keep terminals across Europe.
  • Wert, the payment solution provider enabling fiat payments in Web3, announced that it is NFT checkout tool continues to be upgraded to virtually approve all NFT purchases with fiat types of payment like charge cards, stated a comment. Wert’s NFT checkout relies on a different merchant category code to make sure a greater approval rate. “With a 95% approval rate for fiat payments like charge cards, more customers are now able to buy any NFT without their debts being declined,” they stated.

Mining news

  • Luxor Technologies, a Bitcoin mining software and services company, has released LuxOS, an Antminer firmware designed and engineered on your own in The United States, stated the announcement. Firmware enables Bitcoin miners to regulate the performance from the ASIC chips within their Bitcoin mining rigs to optimize hashrate and power use. LuxOS has become readily available for the Antminer S19 and S9 series Bitcoin miners. Miners using LuxOS will get discounted charges once they use Luxor’s bitcoin mining pool, they added.

Investment news

  • Bitcoin mining company TeraWulf stated it presently holds roughly $250,000 in cash deposits at Personal Bank, the FDIC-insured limit, using the balance from the company’s bank deposits held at other banking institutions. It stated that it doesn’t hold any cash or maintain any accounts at Plastic Valley Bank or Silvergate Capital, and “considers its contact with any liquidity concerns at Personal Bank to become immaterial.”
  • Blockchain node network RockX announced the launch of Foundation, an AML- and KYC-compliant, institutional-grade Ethereum (ETH) liquid staking platform. It’s a non-custodial, on-chain, and independent liquid staking solution, stated a comment, that allows institutions to take part in large-scale liquid staking with built-in KYC/AML ways to verify all clients searching to stake greater than ETH 32, but giving retail stakers the versatility to retain anonymity. Amber Group, an electronic asset manager and lead investor in RockX, will be among the platform’s first institutional clients, it added.

Exchange news

  • Bitfinex Derivatives stated it listed perpetual contracts for popular global commodity indices – United kingdom Oil (UKOIL), Palladium (XPD), and Platinum (XPT). The brand new contracts went live today and can offer users as much as 100x leverage, moved in tether (USDT), stated the pr release.

NFT news

  • Ah Sotheby’s, European blockchain conference Paris Blockchain Week, and metaverse platform RLTY are joining hands to provide the very first non-fungible token (NFT) auction within the metaverse in a few days. Paris Blockchain Week will concurrently host its flagship Web3 event within the customizable metaverse RLTY World, as the live NFT auction will feature 66 bits of artwork from Beeple, Julien Rivoire, Brinkman, and much more, stated the pr release.

Career news

  • TON Foundation, a non-profit association trying to advance Outdoors Network (TON), stated that Anthony Tsivarev continues to be hired as Director of Developer Relations. Per the announcement, Tsivarev, who formerly offered like a Senior Partner at First Stage Labs, a lot ecosystem venture builder, will spearhead the introduction of the TON ecosystem across decentralized applications, wallets, gaming, and social. He’ll oversee internal and exterior developer relations within the TON community, grants, developer communities, and developer activities.

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