Wealthy Father Poor Father Author Robert Kiyosaki is Buying More Bitcoin at Current Prices – Here’s Why

Robert Kiyosaki. Source: a relevant video screenshot, Youtube/The Wealthy Father Funnel

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the greatest-selling personal finance book Wealthy Father Poor Father, has revealed that he’s obtaining more BTC at current rates. 

Inside a Saturday tweet, Kiyosaki claimed the Registration (SEC) will “crush” most altcoins using its rules, suggesting that for this reason he’s only bullish on BTC right now. He stated:

“I’m very looking forward to Bitcoin. Why? Because Bitcoin is classed like a commodity similar to gold, silver, and oil. Most crypto tokens are classifed like a security and SEC rules will crush many of them. I’m buying more BTC.”

Within an interview with CNBC at the begining of October, SEC Chair Gary Gensler reiterated his belief that Bitcoin is really a commodity while other crypto tokens are securities. “What the law states is obvious about this. In my opinion in line with the details and conditions, many of these tokens are securities,” he stated at that time. 

In mid-December, the SEC also classified FTT, the native token from the now-collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, like a peace of mind in a complaint. The move stirred up speculations about whether other tokens of centralized exchanges are thought securities, and just what it might mean for individuals platforms. 

The company noted that FTT was offered being an investment contract and benefitted from a boost in interest in buying and selling on FTX, “such that any cost rise in FTT would benefit holders of FTT equally as well as in direct proportion for their FTT holdings.” It stated:

“The large allocation of tokens to FTX incentivized the FTX management team to do something to draw in more users to the buying and selling platform and, therefore, increase interest in, while increasing the buying and selling cost of, the FTT token.”

Kiyosaki, who is a Bitcoin advocate for any lengthy time, stated recently that individuals who own gold, silver, and BTC can get more potent once the Fed, the Treasury, and Wall Street pivot and trillions of money is printed. “Fake money savers would be the greatest losers,” he stated.

Within the wake from the FTX collapse, he stated that Bitcoin might have to go as little as $10,000 as the dust in the fallout settles. He added the selloff often see Bitcoin drop to $10,000-$12,000, but he’ll make use of the chance to fill up more coins. 

Kiyosaki’s Wealthy Father Poor Father is really a 1997 book that advocates the significance of financial literacy, financial independence, and building wealth through purchasing assets, real estate investment, beginning and owning companies, in addition to growing a person’s financial intelligence. It’s been around the New You are able to Occasions Best Seller List for more than six years.

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