Whale Alert: Binance Received $32,130,580 Worth BTC From your Anonymous Wallet

The whole crypto space is witnessing an enormous downfall within the last 2 days, reflecting drastic cost alterations in all cryptocurrencies. To be precise, the cost of Bitcoin (BTC) tumbled lower, raising the danger level for those investors available on the market. With that, BTC slopes lower to 50% from the peak which leads to the continuation from the crypto plunge. 

Because this is the present situation on the market, the world’s largest and leading crypto exchange Binance reveals a reminder. Because the whales usually transfer immeasureable cryptocurrencies, a mystery wallet address transferred 1000 BTC to Binance wallet. 

Thus, the exchange has become interested in the anonymous user and also the unknown wallet address for transferring BTC worth $32,130,580 early today. 

Binance received 1000 BTC

Because the marketplace is already buzzing concerning the crypto crash, the investors community are facing uncertain market conditions with extreme volatility at the moment. Furthermore, the whale alert team tracks millions of  transactions on all of the platforms daily.  Additionally, it ranks as the main supply of trust and transparency through blockchain technology. Thus, while searching in the transactions record on Binance, it found this type of suspicious act. 

As it isn’t something totally new, the whale activities will always be active in tracking the transactions of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the marketplace crashed and costs are around the red margins depicting huge loss for those investors within this period. Thus, to earn more profits while cost spikes, whales accustomed to transfer and store their assets in unknown wallets. 

Much more, whales have targeted Bitcoins because the cost fall of BTC may be the recent talk from the town. Besides, the bearish condition of the present crypto marketplace is a lucky chance for that whales to transfer and keep top cryptocurrencies. 

Besides, the general crypto market capital has dropped lower close to $1.5 trillion within the last 2 days. For the reason that situation, the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) alone fell about 50%from the peak in only eventually.

Based on CoinMarketCap, the need for Bitcoin is standing around $31,675.50 continuously facing a bearish market performance. Furthermore, the BTC graph is around the downtrend with 4.27% within the last 24 hrs. 

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