dYdX ends contentious promo claiming ‘overwhelming demand’

Decentralized crypto derivatives exchange dYdX states it’s ended its short-resided and contentious $25 first deposit bonus promo among a wave of backlash over its facial recognition needs for brand new users.

The exchange, however, simply reported “overwhelming demand” as the reason behind its short-resided marketing campaign, which ended on Thursday “effective immediately.”

The promo under consideration launched on Wednesday also it offered new users a $25 bonus when they deposited $500 or even more in to the platform.

The only real catch was that they to accept perform a “liveness check” via webcam to ensure their identity, which didn’t go lower well with certain parts of the city.

Around 24 hrs later, dYdX tweeted it would finish the campaign “due to very overwhelming demand” after purportedly onboarding a large number of new users.

The team behind the DEX didn’t outline how lengthy the promo campaign would last throughout the initial announcement but mentioned it “truly undervalued the quantity of interest the campaign received.”

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dYdX, particularly, made no reference to the community pushback in the newest tweet but bending lower on its utilisation of the facial recognition software within an earlier publish, stating it had become only accustomed to make certain users weren’t doubling on accounts to assert the power.

Some locally aren’t purchasing it, with a few believing the cancellation was largely due to the contention, while some have expressed concerns using the platform using such tools to begin with.

Yearn.finance contributor Adam Cochran tweeted to his 153,100 supporters that despite as being a major advocate for dYdX previously, he’ll be moving from the platform and selling his DYDX tokens until he sees “meaningful changes there:”

“dYdX doubles lower on claiming this is alright by saying it’s just if you would like the reward program. To them your computer data privacy is really a commodity as well as an acceptable risk when they get growth.”

“I’m looking forward to a decentralized perps market however i am concerned about this behavior and think a business culture that prioritizes growth over users is harmful,” he added.

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