Enhanced KYC checks could be a win-win for crypto exchanges and consumers — here’s why


Crypto is really a fast-moving sector where new trends — decentralized finance and nonfungible tokens included in this — accelerate within the blink of the eye. So that as interest in digital assets grows, the requirement for regulation grows too. 

Anticipating individuals rules and getting the systems in position for future compliance can position crypto exchanges as industry leaders. Individuals which do the minimum risk falling behind as customers use more reliable options.

Exchanges, though, can adopt a considerable role in setting the regulatory tone if you take the initiative to visit beyond compliance and safeguard their users. That will help a company develop a status for security and generate a compelling reason for difference in the competition. In addition to that, it may show regulators how policies can be employed in practice.

The company situation

Prioritizing adaptable, futureproof solutions makes it simpler for exchanges to grow rapidly into untouched markets. It can benefit them control operating costs, reduce risks and boost the customer experience.

Beyond helping crypto exchanges achieve compliance, identity verification technology that pulls from countless global data sources can accelerate onboarding, providing the right balance between security and friction. Onboarding customers rapidly and securely can provide exchanges the edge against your competitors they require inside a market that will get more crowded with each and every crypto bull run.

Trulioo, a name verification service that allows exchanges worldwide to rapidly and safely onboard customers, helps crypto platforms achieve their full potential inside a constantly shifting market.

Fast, accurate digital identity verification might help exchanges build trust and safety while rapidly expanding their subscriber base, the organization states. Enhanced Know Your Customer (KYC) checks might help exchanges scale more rapidly. By knowing just who their clients are and creating the provenance of funds, exchanges can position themselves to adjust to future regulation changes.

“Regulation is really a hot subject within the crypto space and a primary reason we’re seeing a lot of crypto exchanges searching to work with us,” Trulioo Chief executive officer Steve Munford told Cointelegraph. “Using a platform for example Trulioo might help exchanges stand above the bend and turn into compliant in planning for tighter rules that could be coming.”

So how exactly does enhanced KYC work? 

Conventional KYC measures can limit the amount of people an exchange can verify, particularly if it takes a passport, license or banking account. By comparison, Trulioo offers validation in additional than 195 countries and against greater than 400 reliable data sources — including mobile systems, credit agencies, banks, governments and business registers. You can also authenticate new users with the aid of a selfie.

Trulioo lately acquired no-code orchestration solution HelloFlow to accelerate digital onboarding and unveiled major product updates which include document-free evidence of address verification. In another critical development, company executives stated they achieved unicorn status following a $394 million Series D funding round.

Trulioo really wants to help exchanges navigate the choppy waters of regulation now and later on with fast, secure and accurate KYC and Anti-Money Washing crypto checks.

That approach might help crypto companies bolster their infrastructure to make sure they are ready once the next bull run brings a brand new wave of consumers to exchanges.

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