Mainnet milestone for network that aims to become scalable, inexpensive and developer-friendly

It is a bruising time to become a crypto investor at this time — there is no two ways around it.

But because the bear market endures, many platforms in the market are concentrating on building — making enhancements to existing products, and creating brand new ones.

Cudos is one. And despite a lot of uncertainty within the markets, the work states its lengthy-term vision is unshaken — and going to build infrastructure for that decentralized future that awaits all of us.

The finishing touches are increasingly being made in front of a mainnet launch in June, and preliminary assessments carrying out a thorough audit are searching positive.

In recent days, a variety of stress tests has additionally been performed around the cleverly named Dress Wedding rehearsal network, which precisely replicates its mainnet. Cudos states it has fixed a couple of teething challenges before the large day itself.

Aiming what its mainnet aims to attain, Cudos states it really wants to blend DeFi, NFTs and gaming to provide a decentralized Web3 experience — infrastructure that may easily handle our prime computing needs that the modern internet demands. Minimal transaction costs and occasional latency are also crucial attributes.

Friendly for developers

Matt Hawkins, the Chief executive officer and founding father of Cudos, told Cointelegraph: “Our mainnet launch is a landmark within the blockchain space once we generate scalability, lower transaction costs and convergence having a decentralized cloud-computing layer.

“We’re overwhelmed using the support in our passionate community throughout the incentivized testnet phase and excited for the mainnet launch. Goal to construct a network that’s developer-friendly, scalable and offers unlimited possibilities to allow them to build Web3 dApps.”

As well as on that-important objective of being available to developers, Cudos states you will find compelling explanations why programmers are flocking for this blockchain.

Interoperability and composability happen to be two big priorities with this blockchain project because it vies to “ride the mass adoption wave” — and also the fact it’s built using Tendermint Core and based on the Cosmos SDK means it’s mix-chain at its heart. A bridge has additionally been created facilitate transfers back and forth from the Ethereum blockchain.

A diverse toolkit has additionally been established for developers who’re going to tackle the “massive issues” our internet has inherited, following on from Web1 and Web2.

Describing Web3 like a glimmer of hope, and Cudos as a means of reuniting the forces of cloud-computing and blockchain, a publish around the project’s website stated: “The support and sources happen to be loaded to the ship, it’s only a matter of making board and sailing off in to the sea of unlimited options.”

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A powerful community, a busy ecosystem

Cudos already holds a powerful social presence — having a Twitter community of 40,000 supporters along with a Telegram base of 12,000 users.

These people get together across 145 countries, with 30,000 live-action nodes globally. Cudos also exists inside the Cosmos ecosystem, where lots of effective blockchains are attracting many new users.

Cudos is nearing the finish from the final phase from the incentivized testnet, with developers tackling outstanding tasks to guarantee the mainnet is all set.

And also the other half of the year is anticpated to be just as crucial as the work gears up for that beta launch of their distributed computing platform — taking Cudos a measure nearer to its purpose of being a fully decentralized, scalable and sustainable supply of cloud-computing for Web3.

With lots of milestones on its roadmap to expect to, Cudos is anticpated to be a vibrant place in challenging market conditions — doggedly determined to become crucial cog within the next iteration from the internet.

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