NFTs brings crypto to vast amounts of users, explains VC investor

Avichal Garg, the Chief executive officer and co-founding father of Electric Capital, defines themself as “an NFT maximalist” – who believes that nonfungible tokens (NFTs) will have an important role in getting crypto towards the masses. Unlike other crypto niches, NFTs are relatable to facets of everyday existence for example art, music and games. 

“I might imagine that NFTs are really many vast amounts of people since it is ultimately culture. And that is something which everyone can take part in and everyone can understand,” stated Garg within an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph. 

Particularly, Garg is bullish about NFTs getting used within the gaming industry, that they sees growing in an exponential pace.

“In 18-24 several weeks from now, I believe we are just likely to check this out onslaught of (NFT-based) games”, he stated. 

Garg believes the bear market could last as lengthy because the macro picture is covered with high inflation, meaning it might take another couple of years before we’ll begin to see the next bull cycle. Still, as he looks past the current macroeconomic picture, in a 10-year time horizon, he feels very bullish around the crypto industry. 

“Rates of interest and inflation dominate for the short term when you are speaking in regards to a 2-3 year time horizon. But innovation is the one which dominates within the lengthy term.”, he stated. 

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