Virginian county really wants to put pension funds into DeFi yield farming

The Northern Virginia county of Fairfax has invested part of its pension funds in crypto and blockchain startups. Now, it’s mulling over much deeper participation with decentralized finance (DeFi) yield farming.

The Fairfax County Police Pension System’s chief investment officer Katherine Molnar stated on Tuesday in the Milken Institute Global Conference the system aims to finance two new crypto-focused hedge fund managers within the next three days. The following couple of days will discover a decision made, which, if approved, will be the very first time pension fund money was utilized in DeFi.

Based on Molnar, Fairfax has committed pension funds to seven crypto allocations across two pension funds, including investment capital funds and something structure that holds early-stage illiquid tokens and then-stage liquid tokens. Another method of make money from volatility is among the seven groups. It offers a hedge fund which uses various approaches to cryptocurrency, including yield farming, basis buying and selling and mix-exchange arbitrage.

Fairfax County isn’t any stranger towards the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. In 2019, it started investing pension fund money in cryptocurrencies, with forecasted returns of 9%. Fairfax’s crypto assets take into account roughly 8% of their portfolio as a whole.

The manager issued an announcement concerning the agency’s blockchain-related investments, noting it had committed to the Morgan Creek Blockchain Possibilities Fund. The Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) dedicated to investing $ten million, as the Police Officials Retirement System (PORS) promised $11 million. Molnar likened yield farming to some fixed-earnings substitute or perhaps an chance for any greater return than rate-sensitive assets.

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The U . s . States required to begin with around the 2021 Global DeFi Adoption Index. The index tracks countries using the finest grassroots adoption. To some greater extent, DeFi uptake is powerful in high-earnings countries that curently have a substantial cryptocurrency use, particularly among traders and institutional investors. The doorway of Fairfax in to the market only improves the situation for U . s . States’ DeFi adoption.

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