Web3 to inject $1.1T in India’s GDP by 2032, following 37x growth since 2020

The worldwide Web3 boom is anticipated to include $1.1 trillion towards the Indian economy within the next decade, supporting an investment-based momentum driven by over 450 in-house startups, including CoinDCX, Polygon and CoinSwitch. 

Research conducted recently in the National Association of Software and repair Companies (NASSCOM), an Indian non-governmental trade association and advocacy group, highlighted India’s position like a leading global player within the Web3 market because of several factors across a large talent pool, high adoption rate and product for worldwide markets.

Snapshot of India’s Web3 startup ecosystem in 2022. Source: NASSCOM

The United States-India Proper Partnership Forum (USISPF) believed that “Web3 can also add $1.1 trillion of recent economic value towards the Indian GDP within the next ten years.”

Investments in Indian Web3 startups. Source: USISPF and NASSCOM

Furthermore, the research highlighted that investments in Indian Web3 startups mimicked crypto adoption by accumulating a 37x growth during the last 2 yrs. The explosive Web3 growth in the united states is further based on an growing talent pool, making India’s demand-supply gap the cheapest in comparison to the U . s . States, China and also the Uk.

Additionally, India ranks first with regards to reskilling in newer technologies, that is considered vital in emerging technologies for example Web3 and blockchain.

Global Web3 talent distribution. Source: OKX and NASSCOM

The above mentioned graphic shows the worldwide talent pool for Web3, showcasing the U.S. and China overpowering India. However, the research estimates that India’s Web3 talent pool is anticipated to see the quickest rate of growth within the coming 1-24 months.

Focus areas for Indian Web3 startups. Source: Zinnov CoNXT Research &amp Analysis

The Indian Web3 ecosystem suits a number of real-world applications and roughly 60% from the local startups expanded their footprint outdoors India.

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Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart lately launched a metaverse space — named Flipverse — for locals to test and buy merchandise from brands including Puma and Nivea.

Flipverse was created together with Polygon-incubated organization eDAO and can support digital collectibles and become provided on Flipkart’s recently shopping online platform, FireDrops.

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