ApeCoin Whales Election Against Proposal to remain on Ethereum

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Several apecoin (APE) whales have voted from the proposal through the ApeCoin decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that recommended remaining on Ethereum (ETH), giving most support to moving to a different chain – for now at least.

Dubbed ApeCoin Improvement Proposal (AIP) 41, the proposal asks token holders to remain on Ethereum regardless of the issues surrounding gas charges.

However, a minimum of three ApeCoin whales who’ve posted their ballots to date have voted against the proposal, each submitting APE 404,000, APE 153,000, and APE 151,000, correspondingly, from the way to obtain APE 1 billion.

One, with APE 150,000, voted for from the proposal. 

Thanks to whales voting from the proposal, as of this moment, the AIP 41 has nearly 53% of votes against and 47% for, meaning most is presently supporting a migration.

The voting began on June 3 and can continue until June 9.

Particularly, noisy . times of voting, a massive quantity of voters were in support of the proposal.

Posted on May 1 by ApeCoin DAO member ASEC, the proposal states that “migrating to a new chain is really a pricey, dangerous, and sophisticated endeavor with lots of moving parts that could, otherwise attentively considered, lead to catastrophic loss, or at worst, abandonment by [project creator] Yuga Labs along with other entities that will otherwise [be significant] to ApeCoin.”

The proposal came like a reaction to an indicator by Yuga Labs, the entity behind the most popular non-fungible token (NFT) collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, that stated ApeCoin should migrate to the own chain for scaling purposes following the Otherdeed mint clogged the Ethereum mainnet.

“We are sorry for switching off the lights on Ethereum for some time,” Yuga Labs stated at that time, adding: “It appears abundantly obvious that ApeCoin will have to migrate to the own chain to be able to correctly scale. We want to inspire the DAO to begin thinking within this direction.”

Meanwhile, phone comments through the community around the forum shows that the majority most of users support remaining on Ethereum.

“I highly accept your sentiment that people shouldn’t migrate in the Ethereum chain as that provide us the very best security and liquidity Particularly with ETH 2. coming later on,” one user stated as a result of ASEC.

Meanwhile, other users also noted the project may use Layer 2 solutions for scaling purposes. “I believe they ought to look rather in arbitrum, optimism, zksync or immutable, rely on them because they are or fork individuals and make there,” another user contended.

At 9:52 UTC, the 39th gold coin by market capital, APE, is 5.2% per day and a pair of.7% per week, buying and selling at USD 6.4. 


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