Ethereum Merge Live: Latest News and Updates

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The Ethereum Merge blockchain upgrade begins the transition to some Proof-of-Stake consensus system – it’s a momentous occasion for crypto.

Cryptonews is covering occasions today with live updates of progress.

To help keep you informed, here’s the Ethereum Foundation’s Mainnet Merge viewing party. Latest news updates are proven underneath the video:

Ethereum Merge live in fact

A very effective day for Ethereum and crypto, however that does mean the fraudster are out. The Logical Indian has already established their twitter account hacked, if you see a tempting tweet in regards to a 50,000 ETH giveaway – yeah it may sound too good to be real. You heard right, it is a SCAM!!!

From Aya Miyaguchi (ayamiya.eth) in the foundation (and not the Asimov one)

Could they be still in launch party mode at the Ethereum Foundation? All quiet around the Twitter feed, but worth keeping a watch:

You’ll recall Google became a member of within the fun a couple of days ago once the internet search engine began a unique countdown for that Ethereum Merge. So thanks Google to keep all of us knowledgable:

https://world wide

From Watcher Guru

The Ethereum Network has finally transitioned to proof-of-stake on Thursday, September 15, 2022, marking the finish from the now-obsolete proof-of-work mining infrastructure. The transition ushers a brand new era within the crypto sphere that’s eco-friendly, using the Blockchain consuming 99.95% less energy of computer formerly did.

The event silences critics who noticed that blockchain technologies are some risk towards the atmosphere. Formerly, Ethereum’s proof-of-work protocol consumed high souped up that might have powered Finland for any year, an estimate reports. However, everything has now altered for that better, because the Merge will hereon reduce Ethereum’s carbon footprint drastically.

And in the man themself, Vitalik Buterin:

So we finalized! 

Happy merge all. This can be a big moment for that Ethereum ecosystem. Everybody who helped to make the merge happen should feel totally proud today.

The Merge just finalized:


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