Justin Sun, Poloniex Back Plan to produce a Bang Ethereum Hard Fork

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Ethereum (ETH) miners fearing the worst if the network’s much-vaunted proceed to proof-of-stake (PoS) proceed the following month might be tossed a lifeline – with Justin Sun and the Poloniex crypto buying and selling platform stating that they’ll provide support for any suggested proof-of-work fork (Bang) fork.

The Ethereum network presently utilizes a Bang protocol that enables miners to mint new tokens, but while relocating to PoS may help ETH’s cause in certain respects, it might leave miners around the network inside a dark place. Their rigs would become effectively useless within the blink of the eye – unless of course they may be repurposed to mine on other systems.

One fix for your problem continues to be submit through the Chinese miner Chandler Guo, that has stated he’ll fork the Ethereum network to produce a Bang “version” of ETH.

Indeed, Guo continues to be bullish around the matter in recent days, and it has recommended he wants to produce a genuine rival to some PoS form of Ethereum.

And Sun, the Founding father of Tron (TRX), has recommended that he’ll back the move. Inside a tweet, he authored that Poloniex “currently has” greater than ETH a million, adding:

“If [the] Ethereum hard fork succeeds, we’ll donate some forked ETHW to [the] ETHW community and developers to construct [the] Ethereum ecosystem.”

Poloniex, meanwhile, mentioned that it absolutely was the world’s first exchange to list out ETH and would soon become “the first to aid [a] potential forking of ETH with [the] report on two potential forked ETH tokens.”

In your blog publish, the exchange authored that it is proceed to list both forked tokens would “mitigate the potential risks from market volatility throughout the hard fork and safeguard users’ assets.”

Guo, meanwhile, has prior experience of Ethereum forks: He was instrumental in backing the Ethereum split in 2016 that led to the birth from the ethereum classic (ETC) token.

Arthur Hayes, the previous BitMEX chief-switched-crypto essayist, opined inside a typically verbose blog publish that Guo “is quite a remarkable individual,” and stated he didn’t doubt the miner’s “resolve to get this done.”

Further, Hayes claimed that Chinese miners were behind Guo’s drive.

Hayes claimed to possess talked to “contacts within the Chinese mining community” to inquire about “if there is real momentum behind a possible airdrop or hard fork to create an Ethereum chain according to proof-of-work.”

He authored:

“One guy stated ‘absolutely,’ and added me to some WeChat group where serious folks are discussing the easiest method to accomplish this reality. Another friend stated this really is absolutely going lower, and Chandler had already arrived at to him for his support.”

Hayes also waded in to the discussion about whether an Ethereum fork of the sort would create a token with any type of market worth, writing:

“I have serious doubts about whether an [Ethereum proof-of-work] chain has lengthy-term viability, until then let’s just assume it’ll exist in a considerably non-zero market cap for several several weeks.”

And, possibly more to the point for non-miners still speculating about if the proof-of-stake move will indeed proceed the following month, Hayes opined:

“The more essential point would be that the miners wouldn’t attempt this journey and spend valuable political capital inside the community if they didn’t believe the merge happens on schedule(ant).”


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