New tool mirrors Optimism NFTs to Ethereum mainnet to be used in verified apps

Optimism developers jvmi and Kelvin Fichter released a brand new application known as Magic Mirror on November. 9 that enables NFT holders to repeat or “mirror” their Optimism NFTs towards the Ethereum mainnet. NFT holders are now able to use their Optimism NFTs in a number of verified apps, for example in Twitter’s profile badge system — where formerly, only NFTs indigenous to Ethereum Layer 1 might be used.

Twitter introduced its NFT badge feature in The month of january, allowing NFT holders to ensure possession of the art. Verified NFTs can be used an account pic on Twitter, where they’re then denoted having a special, hexagonal shape. Just before Magic Mirror’s release, holders of NFTs using their company systems, like Optimism, Polygon, or Avalanche, didn’t be capable of do that.

The organization stated this new tool is definitely an make an effort to solve this issue, although just for holders of Optimism NFTs. Users can change the NFT that’s inside wach mirror anytime they need, instead of minting a replacement every time. However, just one Optimism NFT may be put within the mirror at any given time.

Magic Mirror belongs to a restored push by Optimism to win the fight between Ethereum scaling solutions. In June, a form of balancer was launched around the Optimism platform, as well as in September, 1Inch users on Optimism received a 300K token airdrop to incentivize utilisation of the network.

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