Redefining blockchain through crypto-biometrics and DAO approach AMA with Occam DAO and Humanode

OccamFi: Partnership Material

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) take over governance within the blockchain space, which trend is just continuing still. Occam DAO, the decentralized voter community behind OccamFi, has lately voted inside a lindsey stirling for that incubator platform. Humanode is going to be joining the Occam ecosystem using its revolutionary method of blockchain security and power distribution.

You will get an in-depth summary of this latest partnership within the next Cointelegraph AMA session on November 28th. Cointelegraph will make an appointment with Victor from Humanode and Cristina from Occam DAO to create you the most crucial details behind their bond and also the new partnership’s future plans.

An introduction to OccamFi

OccamFi is really a leading DeFi incubator platform having a concentrate on Cardano and Milkomeda that’s operated by its underlying DAO. DAO people get the opportunity to gain access to numerous perks, including early investor models for projects area of the Occam incubator. Apart from perks, people will also be given the job of passing votes regarding approaching incubator candidates and Occam’s future partnerships.

Relying extensively on its community, Occam has probably the most active Discord channels within the space. This is the way Humanode was initially brought to the Occam ecosystem and just how afterwards, the organization were able to impress the Occam DAO. Using the recently struck partnership backward and forward companies, OccamFi and it is vast network of partners are searching to aid projects utilizing Humanode technology within their initial phases of development.

What’s Humanode?

Humanode is definitely an innovative L1 Ethereum-compatible blockchain, pioneering a brand new kind of protocol security. Counting on cryptographically secure bio-approved nodes, Humanode takes pride in experienceing this “one human = one node = one vote” principle. 

By independently verifying the identity of every node operator through biometric data, Humanode results in a verifiable network of validators where each node represents a distinctive human. Consequently, Humanode biometrics may be used by protocol to demonstrate there’s one individual behind one crypto account without undermining anyone’s privacy, facilitating the emergence of recent types of DAOs, Universal Fundamental Earnings protocols, and decentralized identities. The Humanode chain lately launched on mainnet and it is positively integrating using the existing blockchain ecosystem.

Through its partnership with OccamFi and it is incubator services, Humanode aims to achieve a level bigger audience. Being an established launchpad and incubator company, Occam can introduce Humanode’s innovative method of decentralization to several projects which are seeking the perfect atmosphere for his or her DeFi solutions and DAOs.

Join the AMA on Monday, November 28th

Humanode is providing a thrilling new consider what blockchain technology and decentralization could be. However, Occam brings the help of an established incubator partner which has pressed numerous projects to success. It’s exciting to determine how both of these companies interact to transform the DeFi and DAO sectors.

Would you like to find out more about Occam’s incubator platform? Or would you like to learn more about how exactly Humanode stores biometric data because of its nodes? Joining the Cointelegraph AMA with Occam and Humanode is the best place to obtain the solutions to those questions.

This AMA is available to anybody, and also the audience can ask the participants questions within the live chat. Furthermore, Occam and Humanode will share exciting news regarding their recently-struck partnership. Join the Cointelegraph YouTube funnel on November 28th at 5 pm UTC to obtain the latest updates in the two projects.

Materials are provided together with OccamFi

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