Web3 DApp improves staking and transfers on Polkadot and DotSama

MyDotWallet: Partnership Material

The training curve for blockchain and it is related topics is steep. Even today, even individuals acquainted with blockchain terminology need assistance to do fundamental functions like storing, buying and selling and transacting with crypto assets, additionally to presenting nonfungible tokens (NFTs) for just about any of the intended use cases beyond as being a digital collectible. Because of this, the unfortunate the truth is that despite systems like Ethereum being diverse in utility across payments, storing data along with other decentralized finance (DeFi) use cases, mass adoption is constantly on the meet challenges since couple of understand how to communicate with blockchain technology.

Too little adoption doesn’t mean blockchain and crypto aren’t the long run. Rather, humans must notice that someone-centric experience is required to demonstrate the utility of the new technology like blockchain. Think about the parallel between blockchain and also the internet. Once the internet was initially introduced, couple of understood how its existence may benefit them. The web wasn’t broadly used until website-building platforms grew to become popularized being an easy-to-use means to fix help companies and private users create an online business that belongs to them.

Recognizing that the major barrier to blockchain adoption is usability, MyEtherWallet (MEW) managed to get its aim to produce a free, client-side interface to assist users communicate with the Ethereum blockchain. The resulting, easy-to-use, open-source platform now includes a growing product suite that provides users accessibility diverse functionality Ethereum provides. Taken together, the woking platform features a web platform, mobile application, Chrome extension (Enkrypt), blockchain explorer and academic sources for brand new and experienced users alike.

After being met with initial success like a gateway towards the Ethereum blockchain, MEW has announced the discharge of the new Web3 decentralized application (DApp) known as MyDotWallet. With MyDotWallet, users will get access to improved staking and transfer functionality, among other actions, within the Polkadot/DotSama ecosystem.


Forever, MEW has developed in the Ethereum space, working to make getting together with Ethereum a far more friendly and intuitive experience. MEW has since permitted users the opportunity to manage any token on Ethereum from MEW, communicate with any smart contract on Ethereum or purchase Ethereum having a charge card with the platform’s providers. However, because the world moves to some multichain reality, outdoors-source platform makes it important of ongoing to aid its users through this transition.

Already, MEW has incorporated a multichain wallet extension named Enkrypt to permit users to gain access to their most-used DApps around the Ethereum and Polkadot chains, additionally to purchasing crypto, swapping tokens and managing their NFTs on systems.

Kosala Hemachandra, Chief executive officer and founding father of MEW, shares:

“We are excited for MyDotWallet is the continuation of MEW embracing the multichain future that people started with Enkrypt. It’s vital for users so that you can explore and interact with assorted blockchains and also the features which make them unique. This mix-pollination between environments assists to help make the industry more powerful once we de-silo it, and permit users to understand more about for the first time.”

More insights from MyDotWallet here

With this particular release, users can engage in the multichain interoperability protocol that some experts deem an Ethereum successor, given the amount of active developments around the platform.

A multichain future

This DApp, along with the previous MEW product suite such as the Enkrypt Web3 wallet, are proof of the platform’s concentrate on the emerging multichain landscape and dedication to creating secure, noncustodial crypto solutions with interfaces that are simple to navigate for novices.

Continuing to move forward, MEW is strongly positioned to carry on adding additional features to aid users with mass blockchain adoption.

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