Avalanche Partners with Alibaba Cloud to construct a Metaverse Launchpad

  • Alibaba Cloud builds a metaverse launchpad on Avalanche.
  • The launch brings cost-effective metaverse solutions.

Alibaba Cloud, digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, has announced a partnership using the layer-1 blockchain Avalanche. The collaboration would be to develop a launchpad named Cloudverse for Alibaba clients. With Cloudverse, companies can quickly deploy metaverses around the Avalanche blockchain.

Cloudverse is definitely an finish-to-finish solution for companies to produce, personalize, and keep their very own metaverse on Avalanche. Every aspect in the Cloudverse blockchain, such as the digital land, wearables, along with other digital assets, is made on Avalanche. Cloudverse has faster development, a higher traffic volume, a wide open ecosystem, and it is more professional than other metaverse solutions.

MUA DAO, the metaverse architect and middleware provider, may be the third partner for Cloudverse. The service layer can help implement the combination and personalization from the metaverse. And in addition it provides solutions for building metaverse space.

Second Partnership for Alibaba with Avalanche

This is actually the second time Avalanche and Alibaba have partnered together. In December, Alibaba began supplying infrastructure and tools to assist Asia-based users launch validators around the Avalanche Network.

John Wu, obama of Ava Labs, mentioned

Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche still change how enterprises can make value and seize the possibilities for Web3.

Based on John Wu, Alibaba has around 4 million customers and ten million developers. So it’s an effective way for Asian users to handle and validate nodes, also it is among the methods for getting Asian enterprises’ environments into Web3 with the metaverse.

Cloudverse aims to provide Alibaba Cloud users with scalable, highly efficient, and secure cloud infrastructure choices. Furthermore, the launch from the Cloudverse brings the an easy, high-touch, and price-effective metaverse solution.

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