Binance P2P Accounts Grabbed, Indian Crypto Community in Shock 

Binance P2P
  • Several accounts associated with P2P crypto platforms for example Binance were frozen.
  • Indian regulators suspect the crypto-centric accounts to engage in money washing.

Among the anticipation asia unveiling its crypto regulatory framework, the seizure of several Binance P2P-linked accounts triggered a loud shockwave locally. 

A netizen in the community published a tweet thread to publicize the appropriating of her banking account and her subsequent communication using the Cyber Crime.

The victim had initiated a transaction of 560 USDT through the Binance P2P platform. As reported by the sources available, the cryptocurrencies were used in an unverified or suspected merchant. 

Particularly, the panicked crypto community created a telegram group calling out of all affected users. Also, they try to raise awareness and amplify the location of the present scenario. 

Inside a tweet, CoinDCX Chief executive officer Sumit Gupta emphasized: 

“P2P is very dangerous. I’ve been telling folks to prevent using any type of P2P platforms, it’s a wide open invitation to bother. I understand a lot of people in India got notice from various govt government bodies simply because they unknowingly sent INR or received INR from somebody that wasn’t the best person to cope with. As well as in P2P, as innocent customer you’ve got no clue about this.”

In addition, the current condition of crypto taxes and India’s anti-crypto stance add extra pressure and upset investors and traders. However, the Indian crypto community wishes to witness a non-restrictive ecosystem for cryptocurrencies in america. 

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