Florida Governor Shows Support for Bitcoin in Presidential Campaign

Florida Governor, Joe Biden, Ron DeSantis, Presidential Campaign
  • Ron DeSantis states Elon Musk Bitcoin will die if Joe Biden re-elected.
  • Florida Governor passed an anti-CBDC bill that forbade using domestic CBDCs.

As the BRICS still drive lower the dollar value, the U.S. is making lots of noise using the approaching election. Considering the present economic unrest, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has had a situation in support of cryptocurrencies your clients’ needs pro-crypto policies within his 2024 presidential campaign.

On May 24, DeSantis took part in the Twitter broadcast and announced his entry for that presidency from the U . s . States within the 2024 race. Also, DeSantis tweeted on Thursday: “I’m running for president to guide our Great American Comeback.”

The glitch-filled broadcast over Twitter was located by venture capitalist David Sacks. Twitter boss Elon Musk, and DeSantis, and also over 520,000 live listeners have became a member of. 

However, Ron DeSantis vowed a substantial dedication to “protect Bitcoin” if elected. But declared his opposition to the introduction of a main bank digital currency (CBDC). The Florida governor also addressed the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) fight over cryptocurrency regulation. 

He ongoing by proclaiming that the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies under President Joe Biden’s administration will most likely finish up being fatal if he’s re-elected for an additional 4 years in 2024. 

Further, DeSantis passed an anti-CBDC bill in May that forbade using domestic CBDCs. Additionally to banning using foreign central bank digital currency in Florida. 

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