Goldman Sachs Remains Bullish on Crypto

  • Raoul Pal predicts the crypto are experiencing an outburst in capital as liquidity returns towards the market.
  • This growth can lead to new innovations which will get more users.

Based on a current AMA session, former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal predicts the crypto industry are experiencing an outburst in capital. As liquidity returns towards the market, resulting in growth from 300 million as to the he believes is going to be one billion users worldwide.

Raoul Pal states:

“There is going to be applications you haven’t dreamed of or stuff you thought weren’t coming. Which will come at scale, whether it’s digital identity, be it massive installments of Web3, whether it’s DeFi (decentralized finance), or if it’s something entirely new. Whether it’s ticketing via NFTs (non-fungible tokens), who the hell knows?”

Pal, who’s a macro expert, believes this growth can lead to new innovations which will get more users. Including digital identity, massive installments of Web3, DeFi, or perhaps ticketing via NFTs. Also, he shows that the government Reserve’s make an effort to control inflation may lead to an economic depression. Creating a turnaround of course and cash printing to improve the marketplace. 

“This is what happened in 2019 following the Given pivot in 2018. The Given will pause soon or has stopped. I believe they’ve stopped or certainly should pause. And we’ll check this out ongoing acceleration until liquidity slows lower sooner or later, after which we’ll have pauses on the market.”

Pal’s predictions follow that digital assets will still be adopted by big companies and institutional investors.

“We might even have pullbacks if liquidity dates back, that we don’t really see. After which we’ll see acceleration once we hit the current recession and also the unemployment side from the equation, which will come later once the real cash printing and rate cutting really starts.”

In May 2021, Goldman Sachs launched a crypto buying and selling desk to help its clients in buying and selling bitcoin futures. 

Goldman Sachs Remains Bullish on Crypto

Inside a Feb 2023 interview with CNBC, another Goldman Sachs staffer, digital assets chief Mathew McDermott, stated that crypto financial markets are having a “flight to quality.” 

McDermott stated:

“The excitement from your side is … seeing how fraxel treatments could affect many various areas of the economic climate and also have a real commercial impact,”

“We’re at this kind of initial phase when it comes to its adoption, but because you appear over the marketplace and also you begin to see the breadth of monetary institutions building out their digital asset teams, their digital asset strategies, be the sell side or even the buy side, it’s just super exciting and i believe there is a real recognition there.”

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